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What Makes Backpacks Lighter? Tips for Lighter Backpacks

Packing for an expedition is always fun. Stuffing our things in a backpack and setting out to outdoors is a great stress reliever. But a simple backpack can ruin your whole trip. Did you ever felt you overpacked? Ever felt the things that you packed isn’t really required? A heavy backpack can make a backpacking trip no fun at all. Packing light is essential. Here are some tips for making lighter backpacks for your adventures outdoors.


Limiting our wardrobe is the first step towards lighter backpacks. We always love to see ourselves in different dresses each and every day. Fashion senses and hygiene matters here. While packing for a trekking trip, this won’t help. We will sweat and smell like shit. But that’s fine. Change your inners on a daily basis, but try to reuse your outside wears. That will significantly reduce your luggage. Keeping extra clothes is a waste of space and an additional weight too.
Keep your boots back at your homes. Boots are damn heavy. Lightweight run shoes are available for trekking activities. Try those instead of heavy boots.

Lighter Backpacks. Redress
Redress. That way you can reduce the significant weight of your backpack


Liquids weight a lot. Water will be one that weights the most in a backpack, compared with its volume. One of the greatest hack for a lighter backpack is managing the water requirement. Ration your water carrying. Plan according to your trekking activities. If there are some streams or any other source of water, try collecting water from there. Tiny water purifiers are available at the market. Keep one in your backpack. That could reduce the weight of water, still ensure you pure drinking water.

Lighter Backpacks. Portable Water Purifiers
Portable Water Purifiers for lighter backpacks


A full tube of toothpaste or a whole sope won’t be needed for a trekking trip of 2 or 3 days. Still, we will be carrying all these personal care things in our backpack. Try to repackage these things. Squeeze out the extra toothpaste or shampoo. Or purchase small packs of these. Cut soaps into small pieces according to your requirement. Adopt similar practices for your food items too. This will also help to ensure lighter backpacks.

Lighter Backpacks. Repack Hacks
Eye drops bottle to repack toothpaste is one of the most used hacks for lighter backpacks


List your unused items each time after you go backpacking. This way you can find out what all things we pack up unnecessarily. Certain things like first aid box and an emergency lights should always have space in your backpacks. Rather than that, reconsider packing your unused things from the last trekking trip.

Lighter Backpacks. List your unused items after your backpacking trip
List your unused items each time after you go backpacking


Pit stops or day/night breaks during the trekking trips are a great time to relax out on nature. People tend to carry books to spend their time in nature. This is simply adding up weight to the backpacks. People who wish to read books can try out Kindle app to read it digitally. Even guidebooks can be kept apart if you can take pictures of the required pages in your mobile phones. Keeping books out of your backpacks will help a lot to make a lighter backpack.

Lighter Backpacks. Use EBooks while travelling
Using EBooks for reading purpose will help to cut down the weight for carrying books in a backpack


People tend to carry a lot of photographic gears while trekking. Well, if you are not a pro in photography and clicks photographs for fun or personal purposes, better try to use basic gears. As all the photographic gears weights high, the higher gears you carry, the higher your backpacks weights.

Lighter Backpacks. Lighter Photographic Gears
Minimum photographic gears will ensure a hassle free hiking experience with lighter backpacks

So these are some quick tips for making your backpacks lighter and your trekking expeditions much funnier. Enjoy every moment outdoors hassle free. Packing up a decent lighter backpack would be a great help for that. So the next time you pack up, keep these tricks in your mind.