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What If Travelling Was Free?

Well, this might be one of our oldest wishes. And everyone loves this idea… What if travelling was free?
Everyone loves travelling. But something pulls us down from travelling is the expenses. Transportation, accommodation, food… the costs will be huge. That’s what makes us think ‘what if travelling was free?’.

Travelling will always be a great experience. We do travel for a lot of reasons. To meet people and friends, for our work-related reasons, to visit new places as a leisure trip, sometimes a trip back to our home or someplace we love, or sometimes, just to get lost… we travel…

Just like a crazy quote “If travelling was free, you would never see me again” it seems the travelling expenses are something which holds back a large portion of people from travelling. But, is that just a lame reason to hold on to your comfy couch inside your warm home?
Nothing in this world comes free… Especially travelling, when it has got a significant impact on a healthy life. Everything good comes with a price. So if it’s worth it, why can’t we pay it…


We can actually do it. Yes… We can travel free of cost!! Um… maybe not really ‘free of cost’, but we can considerably reduce the expenses. There are lots of ways to cut down our travel costs. Travellers all over the world do these things for a budgeted trip. Let’s have a look into those.

Hitchhiking is a great way to get to places free of cost. It is basically a means of transportation, gained by asking other people, a ride -most of the time a free ride- on their vehicles. Lots of travellers hitchhike for their travels. It will be a great experience, travelling free on a stranger’s car. Trust me 😜

Hitchhiking. What If Travelling Was Free?
Two hitchhikers, all the way from Germany to India

Another area where travellers have to spend too much is accommodation. Couch surfing is a brilliant way to tackle this. Couch surfing refers to staying at houses of people who are ready to host guests for free. Travellers choose couch surfing widely for low-cost trips.

Couch Surfing. Travel Tips. What If Travelling Was Free?
Couch surfing in India. A story from Varanasi

You can find a lot of contests and job offers which will offer free travelling. Try out those. Job roles which come with the need to travel to various destinations will be a bumper for you. There will be contests which offer you free trips. Trying out these opportunities will also help to experience a ‘free journey’.

Contests And Job Roles. Travel Tips. What If Travelling Was Free?
Travel the world and get paid. An ad inviting job roles in the travel sector


There are lots of travel tips for a budgeted trip. Considering the fact that each penny saved counts, these travel tips will surely help you out in your travels. Let’s check out the travel tips for a budgeted trip.

Always carry a water bottle, and refill it every time. Instead of buying a new mineral water bottle every time, refilling your water bottle will help to curb the expenses of drinking water. This will not just save your money, but also ensure zero plastic wastes has been produced your trip. Refill your water bottle whenever you get a chance. When you go to a hotel or finds a public drinking water point, fill your bottle. Keep hydrating yourself on your trip.

Figure out your friends in the places you are going. This will help to sneak into their homes for a meal or for a night’s stay. This could easily save some bucks and also, could help to build a strong relationship with your friend.

Explore the local destinations near you. This could help to save a lot of your money on your future trips. Trips to the destinations near you will be cheap in comparison with the longer ones. Thus, the experiences of your ‘local-explora’ will largely benefit on your long trips.

Start blogging. This could help you earn an income, which also could be utilised for your trips. There are a lot of platforms that could help you earn from your blogging. Starting from the social media giant Instagram, these platforms will promote your well-curated contents, that could earn you an income. Blogging doesn’t mean just writing contents, but also comes with still photographs and videography too. Vlogs are getting a big hit nowadays. Try out those…

As we talked all the way down, nothing comes free in this world. So, if you still feel like ‘if travelling was free’, try out these travel tips. These travel tips could help you have a budgeted trip.
So get to outdoors. Nothing is free. But everything could be cheap…😜
Happy trips folks…