Offbeat Weekend Getaways Near Chennai. Camp with Campper

Weekend getaways are becoming a new trend among youngsters and family. Get outside and spending some time with your loved ones. Or find some time to be yourself. That would be the most rewarding thing you can do for a healthy life. Take your celebrations, relaxation therapy and everything else from closed spaces to the vast open nature to be at peace. Camping with Campper would be a wonderful idea to spend a worthy weekend outside your enclosed spaces.
Presenting you some of the weekend getaway campsites of Campper near Chennai.


Pitch a tent at the hilltop surrounded by chilling mist. Sip a cup of hot black tea and enjoy the sunrise. Thangalpara Top Camp at Vagamon brings you the best calmness concealed among the fog.
600 km from Chennai gets you to Vagamon Town where Thangalpara Top Camp is located. The hilltop is suitable for camping in a large number. The cliff on the one side brings out an astonishing view of the misty landscape.
Avail campfire and BBQ at an additional payment. Beds, pillows and blankets will be provided from the campsite. The camp which is just 3 km away from Vagamon Town is family friendly and have ample parking space. The flat hilltop with slight rocky terrain at one end is definitely one of the most captivating locations you should never miss.
Camping packages to Thangalpara Top Camp at Vagamon are available on Campper from ₹1500 onwards.

Pitch a tent at the hilltop surrounded by nothing but chilling mist.


A breathtaking view from a breathtaking spot, that’s what Eagle Point Camp at Vagamon offers to you. Just 620 km from Chennai, Eagle Point Camp is located on a flat hilltop surrounded by the upper Thangalpara valley with the view of the lower Vagamon region.
The terrain is surrounded by bush landscape along with rocky highlights on another side. The mild wind speed and the rapid fog movement is a bonus experience.
Park vehicles at base camp safely, from where access the camp on Jeeps. Get a blissful campfire with a BBQ on an additional payment.
Find attractive camping packages of Eagle Point Camp at Vagamon on Campper starting from ₹1500 onwards.

Mist concealed Eagle Point Camp


Bamboo roofed campgrounds with exclusive roofed dining space. Located at a prime point to enjoy the serenity of famous Anayirangal valley and the beautiful Anayirangal dam. Camp Woody provides you with the best of camping amenities anywhere in Kerala.
521 km from Chennai, Anayirangal valley near Suryanelli is where Camp Woody located. Thatched bamboo roofs at Camp Woody is a perfect addon to ensure a hassle-free and comfy camping experience. Access this family-friendly campsite by Jeep transfer from Suryanelli town. Secured parking space is also available. Mind a bit of adventure? Two-wheelers can drive into camp.
Curl into the beds, pillows and blankets provided from camp till its time for the campfire and enjoy your BBQ.
Camping packages to Camp Woody at Anayirangal Valley are available at Campper starting from ₹1300 onwards.

Astonishing view from Camp Woody

So pack your backpacks and step out to explore nature. Camp with Campper.