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Weekdays always make our face dull. Workloads, assignments, early mornings and late nights; reasons are a bundle. And when its weekend, our faces would be like super bright. It happens everywhere.
So what if we can describe our mood for every day of the week with an emoji. Here’s what I came up with.


Mondays are always sleepy. We all will agree to that. Late night stay ups and parties on the weekends would be a reason. But I guess the very thought of going to work (again) would make us sleepy. Afterall we have to work, right? Either with open eyes or sleepy heads.


Tuesdays will surely have the sleep hangovers of Mondays. We can’t say we would be fully awake on Tuesdays. Still, we can manage with Tuesdays comparatively with Mondays, right? Heads up guys, its Tuesday.


Wednesdays are on which we come back to the track. As the week has come to its first half, we would be fresh, more energetic and ‘awake’. Moreover, Wednesdays are always ‘colourful’, right?


I had always felt Thursdays awesome. Don’t know why. Maybe its the day we start thinking about the weekend ahead. Just like Wednesdays, we will be energetic and active on Thursdays. Moreover, only one more day at the office before the weekends would make Thursdays more exciting.


Fridays start with the feeling of weekends. The weekend will be starting from the evening. That very thought itself will drive us through Friday. We would be energetic and active just like Wednesdays and Thursdays, but I had felt on Fridays that we would be more ‘social’. Did anyone had such a feeling?


Here it is. The much-awaited breaks. The weekends. There are companies with Saturday as a working day, for whom weekend will be starting by Saturday evening but for most of the companies, Saturdays and Sundays will be a holiday.
People use these weekends as a way to escape from their hectic weekdays, to rejuvenate themselves for the upcoming weekdays (still everyone will be asleep on Mondays)
People go for getaways, parties, social gathering or spend time with their family and friends on these weekends.



That’s how most of our days will go. We start with a sleepy head and end with partying mood, going through all those crazy days. Still, at the end of every week, there will be something which encourages us to keep moving forward.
So enjoy every day, even when you are sleepy. Because those days have to be like that. Then only you can enjoy the weekends.


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