Wayanad: An Experience in Camping

India is filled with marvelous natural locations which are bound to make you feel relaxed and mesmerized. Wayanad is one such area in South India that has a serene setup enclosed in the arms of nature. If you are in search for various holiday getaways, then do not forget to keep Wayanad on your list.


For people who prefer a camping trip to Kerala, this place is perfect for satisfying them on every level. The best part about Wayanad is the exciting night camping experience which is actively available in this hilly forested paradise. Moreover, Wayanad’s assembly of topography offers tourists opportunities to be a part of various adventure activities.

Activities such as forest treks, bird watching, boating and wilderness study, do attract tourists. You need not worry about the accommodation as the resorts at Wayanad offer a secure stay.


Experience the Jungle Setup

This district came into existence on 1 November 1980 to become one of the twelve districts of Kerala. The aesthetic appeal of nature in Wayand cannot be missed. There are several camping sites as well as resorts which offer the guests an opportunity to live in tree top houses for enjoying the jungle life. Moreover, there are simple bamboo cottages, which present a cozy feel. Also, you can even access the tribal huts which are established with utmost care and artistic touch for illuminating an authentic feel. In the words of a noted author, “There is no Wi-Fi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection.”


Modest Home-stays

For the tourists who wish to keep it simple, there is an option for comfortable home stays. You can access the various camping activities by staying in modest homes which are available to guests on a share basis as per their requirement. These houses are equipped with the basic comfort which you might seek in a resort accommodation. This form of accommodation can be rated as one of the striking aspects of Kerala tourism. These home-stays can be accessed at a fair price which is quite advantageous.


Perfect Time to Visit 

One major benefit about Wayanad is that, the region has a pleasant climate all through the year. The monsoon months of June to September tend to be warm with heavy winds and rainfall. On the average rainy days Wayanad looks quite majestic. Also, December to February is quite chilled and tourists prefer these months to visit in Wayanad. Apart from this, for campers the ideal months to enjoy nature are between October and May.

This region is a wonderland which rests in God’s own country. You need not worry about the packages as Campper is there to help you access the best camping trips in Wayanad. From living in exquisite tribal huts to tree homes, everything will be managed without any hassle through this service. The natural glaze of this place would keep you stuck for a longer time. So, do not wait and make your reservations well in advance for making your adventure trip superb and filled with exciting memories which can be cherished later in your life.



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