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Waterfall Treks To Forest Baths. Summer Trips To Beat The Heat

Live life to the fullest. This is what everyone dreams of. To live it, to taste it, to experience it to the utmost & to reach out eagerly, for a newer and richer experience. And there is no surprise that travel habits are becoming more adventurous and personalized to satisfy these needs. Most of us find summer trips and holidays as the best occasion to expand our horizons. For some, it’s an opportunity to seek authentic cultural experiences. But for others, it’s the time for well being in a natural way.
By travelling to new places, by signing up for new experiences and creating memories that sustain, summer trips are the best time to rebuild your family bonding too.

Everyone will be looking for a long getaway, away from the scorching high temperatures and hustle-bustle of the city life. So, make your summer trip truly different by exploring some ‘cool’ summer activities.

Summer Trips


If you want to explore the natural charm and freshness of nature, experience the waterfall trekking at Plantation Camp Ooty. This beautiful destination with a series of hills, valleys and cascading waterfalls is an ideal spot for a perfect weekend getaway.
The varied flora and the lush green hilly lands attract a lot of tourists to this little fairyland. Waterfall bath in nature will make one feel relaxed & heals the body, mind and mood.

Find the bliss amidst nature as you trek along the lush green grasslands of Ooty along with other activities like trekking, Bison sighting, campfire, exploring the cuisines of Badaga community, lake boating, mountain biking etc…

Waterfall Trek. at Ooty Summer Trips
Into the waterfall trek at Ooty


If you want to touch the sky, pay a visit to Kolukkamalai. Located around 35km from Munnar, Kolukkumalai is the world’s highest tea plantation situated at 7100ft. above sea level. It’s a perfect place to chill out & and be at peace.
Without an argument, Kolukkumlalai is one of the world’s most beautiful and extravagant scenic destination and one of the best sunrise viewpoints. Feel the refreshing special flavour and freshness of the mountain breeze while you take an adventurous Jeep trekking through the tea estate to Kolukkumalai

Plan your summer trips to Munnar & Suryanelli, and witness the marvellous sunrise from Kolukkumalai. Camp at Suryanelli and take an early morning Jeep trek to Kolukkumalai to witness the magical sunrise.

Sunrise Jeep Trek Kolukkumalai.
Sunrise from Kolukkumalai


If you want to visit a unique, ‘out of the box’ place this summer; Toda village in Ooty would be a suitable place.
The Todas are an ancient pastoral tribe who have inhabited the Nilgiris for centuries. Todas have their own language, customs and traditions. You can get a deeper insight into the lifestyle and culture of the Toda tribal community once you visit Toda village & understand their art forms, embroidery works, Toda huts etc…
Toda land is now a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and their territory is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Camp at Nilgiri Hill Camp Kodanad, from where go for a natural trek and visit the Toda villages.

Toda Village at Kodanad
Toda village


For those who need a thrilling destination for their summer holidays, 900 Kandi, located at the height of 4612 feet above sea level, is an ultimate getaway.
Take in your surroundings using all of your senses and get a ‘Forest Bath.’ This is a simple method of being calm and quiet in the midst of the trees, observing nature around you while breathing deeply. In order to balance the stress of urban life, we need to just get yourself into nature and be present. This can help both adults and children de-stress and boost health and wellbeing in a natural way.

900 Kandi Summer Trips
Explore the forest

Nature has a unique way to make you calm. Take forest trekking. Let the sounds of the forest, fresh air, the sweet aroma of trees, chilled waterfalls give you a sense of comfort. Let them ease our stress and worry, help us to relax and think more clearly. It’s the best pampering one can ever get when we spend time in nature.

It’s a big, beautiful, exciting and fascinating world out there.
Explore it now, rather than later.
Adventure awaits!



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