Vagamon: More Than Pine And Meadows

When we talk of Kerala, we automatically think of nature and hills and greenery. The possibilities of nature visits in God’s own country are endless and rightly so. Full of virgin forests and pristine lakes. High hills and expansive plantations, the place is a nature lover’s delight. One such delightful place is Vagamon.

Vagamon is studded with meadows, landscapes, pine forests, waterfalls, tea estates and valleys and is an appealing getaway. Situated 1,100 meters above sea level, the lush green plains, blue hills and meandering rivers are a direct reflection of the ones in Scotland, which is why Vagamon is also called the ‘Scotland of Asia’. It is among the best hill stations in Kerala. Mystic mountains, verdant grass plains and clean air are the attractions of this hill station. Although Vagamon is famous for its pine trees and meadows, there is so much more to this scenic place which you can visit and know about while you go for camping in Vagamon.

Here are a few of the things you can do other than enjoying the pine trees and the highland views!


Check Out The Chain of Three Hills   


Since Vagamon is a hill station, it is natural that the place will have hills. But these hills have a history of their own, and an interesting history at that.They are a chain of 3 beautiful hills called Thangal , Murugan and Kurismala hill which give a secular religious aura and an enchanting feel to this destination since each of these hills are visited by devotees of three separate religions every year. So once you are done admiring the rich pine groves, take time out to appreciate this beautiful marvel as well.


Sunset Point

As cliché as it may sound. Watching sun set over the hills can never get old. Especially if the scenic view is not hindered by any object.  Elaveezha Poonchira is among the best places in Kerala to watch sunset and sunrise without any hindrance. Breathtaking scenery and green valleys highlighted by those large mountains is excellent enough for a vacation with mystic appeal. The story goes that Panchali the wife of Pandavas from the epic Mahabharata  bathed in a Pool here. Elaveezha Poonchira in Malayalam indicates ‘valley where leaves in don’t fall’ and it is called so because there are  no huge trees in this area.


Pattumalai Church

Pattumala literally means Hill draped in silk.  This silken hill, in Peermede in, has charms like no other. The lofty peaks, the little streams and the green expanse of the tea plantations give the hills an ethereal beauty. Nestled among these silken hills at the top is the Velankanni  Matha Church, a famous pilgrim centre. It is a Roman Catholic Latin Rite pilgrim shrine in Kerala dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Good Health’.  It is served by the Congregation of the Missionary Brothers of Saint Francis of Assisi .The Church is built entirely of granite, with a delightful flower garden nearby. Pattumala is also home to two of the biggest names in the tea production sector – Harrisons Malayalam and A V Thomas & Co.


Vagamon Orchidarium And Floriculture Project

Another interesting thing to check out in Vagamon is the Vagamon Orchidarium. A change of view from the pine groves, this place is sure to delight you with its collection of flowers. This is especially a place for you if you love orchids. It has more than 3000 varieties of both indoor and outdoor orchids, 200 varieties of roses and various other plants. It is spread over 15 hectare of land. Apart from the plants and flowers, this land is a collection of small meadows and a pond with open sitting and relaxing areas. You can also shop your favourite Orchid varieties and other natural products such as honey, bee wax, spices etc.


Mundakayam Ghat

Also known famously as Vagamon Suicide Point, it is a spectacular nature view point with a deep-seated valley. This place is especially sought out by those who go for a camping trip to Vagamon. Here you get cherishing views of mountains and valley and can enjoy fresh air and light breeze. This is a good trekking destination and is also known as Amruthamedu. This is the start point of Vagamon Paragliding. So, while you are out trekking at this delightful location, you can always register yourself for the paragliding sessions and give yourself an experience worth remembering.

Vagamon is a travellers delight with its lush green meadows, pristine water streams and gorgeous sunset and sun rise views. However, there is so much more to explore in Vagamon if one looks beyond these obvious images of the place. For an explorer, the place has much to offer. So, pack your bags and set out to explore the unexplored parts of the place. Get yourself a camping trip for Vagamon and enjoy a weekend of serenity and peace.