Tips for your first solo camping trip to Kerala

Kerala is known as Gods own country for rightful reasons. Adventure tourism in Kerala is highly booming since the past few years owing to the availability of new locations and emergence of a whole new ecosystem altogether. If you are someone who likes camping and have decided to have a solo camping trip, there are some measures you must take in order to have a good camping experience. Amateur campers have less inclination towards solo camping but those wanting to explore another side of themselves can give it a try. But even if it is your first solo camping trip and you are thinking of going to Kerala, you will have a great time. Just make sure that you follow the tips below to avoid any kind of hassles.


Plan and Strategize your route

The first and the foremost thing you must do as a solo camper is to plan and strategize your route. This is a preparatory step and must not be taken lightly. A group of friends have a lot of options when it comes to exploring new routes but when you are alone, you must do a good amount of planning beforehand. Solo camping trips require adequate amount of planning and you must do it for a good experience. There are many good places in Kerala, camping in Munnar or even camping in Vagamon is quite popular here.


Plan your complete timeĀ frameĀ 

Before you go ahead with this offbeat adventure activity, you need to plan your whole timeframe of doing things in a solo camping trip. You can’t randomly go there and expect to carve out a timeframe from nowhere. Thus, give it some time and efforts to plan the whole timeframe of your journey. This will give you a vague idea of how your camping is going to be. Take sunset and sunrise timings into account when you will calculate your hiking timings. Also, keep some time unscheduled for random activities which might end up taking your time.


Share your plan with your friends and family

Now once you create the plan for your routes and the timeframe, you need to share this whole plan with your friends and family. This is a necessary step in order to be safe while on your solo trip. Although you would like to explore by yourself but by giving a heads up to your closest people about your small offbeat vacation, you will keep yourself safe and it will ensure a secure stay. If there is network availability, you can also call them frequently during your trip.


Pack only necessary things

When you are travelling solo, there is definitely no room for anything extra. Pack only the things which are highly necessary because you can’t afford to overstock your backpack. The lighter your backpack is for such holiday getaways, the better it is. But ofcourse, since you will be the only person travelling, all the camping essentials will be carried by you. This can lead to a heavier backpack but you must cut out on things which are unnecessary. Once you start seeing things from what you extremely need, you will start figuring out what all you don’t need.


Stay calm and enjoy the experience

Camping in Kerala is anyway such an enjoyable experience and when you are alone, you definitely have everything to yourself for enjoying. So just stay calm without worrying about anything else and you will have the best time of your life. There is no point in being in a solo trip and panicking which will ruin the whole experience. Thus, let everything go by the flow and enjoy the experience of being solo to camp. Get rid of the technological stuff and ease into the whole experience while you are there.

These are all the essential tips which you need to know in order to go for your first solo camping trip in Kerala. Although there are other places, Kerala is a beautiful location to go camping. In the words of Ken Poirot, “Some journeys in life can only be travelled alone”. If you are planning for such a solo camping activity, let Campper arrange everything for you and you do the job of simply enjoying the experience.