New Year Event at Thangalpara Top Camp, Vagamon

A Worthy Break For The Bright Days. Take A Leave For This New Year.

New Year, the occasion of hopes and resolutions for a brighter future… As another new year is at our doorstep, what are your plans for a ‘brighter future’? How are you gonna spend your new year eve this time? If the same old noisy parties or a trip some resorts are your idea, hold on a sec. We got some exciting new year event for you. That won’t be noisy or luxuries. But it would be peaceful, cool and worthy…

Try something ‘new’ this new year. Experience Campper’s New Year Camping, fresh from nature.


Taking a leave might be the hardest thing in our work lives. But why can’t we take a leave if it’s worth it? This new year, take a leave from your work and try out a camping experience out at nature.

It is vital to find some time out of our hectic schedules to live for ourselves. Exploring outdoors and experience nature would be the best way to start our New Year. Campper, with there precisely curated camping activities would be providing the best new year experience this year. Out from the craziness of city life, choose a new year event that would help you spent time in nature.

New Year Event at Thangalpara Top Camp
Take a break this New Year. New Year Camping at Thangalpara Top Camp


This new year, do something ‘new’. Camping would be the best new year event you can experience this time. Start new from nature. Freshen up yourself at outdoors.
Take out your loved ones also for this new start from nature. There wouldn’t be any other activity like camping that could help to bond our relationships. Being with our loved ones out at the woods under the warmth of a campfire would be the best experience you can expect to start a new year.

New Year Event at Camp Woody, Munnar
Take your loved ones to the outdoors. New Year Camping at Camp Woody


Experience the calmness of nature like never before. Start your new year in peace. There wouldn’t be any other new year event that would help you to be at peace. Camping helps to experience the calmness of nature. Try meditation. Absorb the positive energy from your surroundings. Make this new year camping the best way to energise yourself for the whole year ahead.

New Year Event at Idukki Dam View Camp
Grasp the positive vibes. New Year Camping at Idukki Dam View Camp

New Year Camping with Campper would be the best way to start a new year. Take a break, start new, absorb the positive vibes from nature and live a healthy, happy new year.
Just for this new year, let’s take a detour from our routines. Skip resorts; Skip parties; Go camping!!!


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