Who said girls cant go Camping – Ten Places where its Possible

An all-girls trip is one of the best pamperings you can permit yourself.Gossips over a campfire, long talks, music, and everything in between. Not to mention keeping in mind the safety factor. So here is a list of ten camping sites, shortlisted for your convenience, all key factors considered.



1.Neliyampathy, Kerala

If you plan to fly down south, you are bound to find some of the finest camping destinations in Kerala. Following a matriarchal system, it is needless to say that feminism runs in its backwaters. The first camping spot that you can try is Neliyampathy. Nested between Neelgiris on one side and Palakkad district on the other, it makes for a perfect camping site for those seeking peace and quiet amidst the wilderness. There are several places to visit around the place, or you could simply laze about at the campsite itself and enjoy the serenity.




2.Munnar, Kerala

The God’s own country, true to its name offers you one more gift from the almighty, that of Munnar. This place has a surreal charm to it. The hills are covered in plantations and leave you breathless at the sheer green dose of healthiness. With activities like trekking, cycling or hiking, this place justifies a camping spot perfectly. There are several places to visit in Munnar. The safety issue has already been dealt with. What you will experience here are hospitable people and generous smiles and peace. Lots and lots of it.




3.Gavi, Kerala

An eco-tourist spot, Gavi is on the list of every nature lover. This place is as natural and honest to god as it gets, with no infusion of commercialization or modernity whatsoever. There is an option for those seeking adventure to stay a night in the dense forests, though guides will be made available and so will the food prepared at the camp fire. Now that is called a true vagabond feeling. This one, however, is for the adrenaline junkies.




4.Thattekad, Kerala

Located in Ernakulam district, Thattekkad hornbill camp blends into the forest, giving you a feel of a jungle stay, with a spectacular view of river Periyar. Thattekkad hornbill camp is known as the
Birder’s Paradise, the camp along with the adjoining Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, is abode to over 270 species of birds. So whether you are a nature enthusiast or simply in for a peaceful stay in the wild, this secluded place will be a good choice.




5.Wayanad, Kerala

And the bounties just keep coming. The Wayanad District in Kerala is wrought with rich history and scenic beauty. It is believed that this place was a part of stone age civilisation. Be that as it may, the cave camping in Wayanad will definitely make you feel like you are back in time. Star gazing at night, bonfires and a cave to camp in is all you need for a time travel. Put this up on your list of travels today.





This place is the meeting point of three states namely- Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Decked up with all the essentials of a camping spot such as a trekking trail, a wildlife sanctuary and some amazing bounties of nature, this place is a campers’ delight.Saint Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page.”




7.Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Up north one of the most travelled and secure destinations for campers is Rishikesh. This small town at the foothills of Himalayas boasts of some amazing camping sites and great adventure sports. If you and your girlfriends are a fan of adrenaline pumping activities, this is the place for you. You could go for activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, cliff jumping and mountain climbing is few of the most prominent adventure sports that you and your gang can check out. The Ganga Aarti in the evening is a spiritual experience not to be missed out on. Since the place is swarming with tourists from all over the world and also being a place of high religious importance, the place is safe for all female groups.




8.Leh, Ladakh

When it comes to camping, it is absolutely impossible to miss out on this site. Whether it is the legendary bike ride, or riding a yak, enjoying the scenic evening on the sides of the Pangong Lake with a glowing campfire and some wonderful stories of the mountains to sweeten the pot. The only safety measure you need is a helmet and some warm clothes to keep you from unwanted accidents or catching a cold. The height and weather perhaps are a reason that this place is a safe spot for women travellers.




9.Nathu La or Sikkim

Thinking camping and all-women group in one breath and Sikkim is bound to make the list. This breathtaking beauty is without a doubt one of the most beautiful travel destination for your girl gang. One of the seven sisters in the north-east, Sikkim has lush green mountains with tiny huts spotting its entire expanse, giving it a look right out of some Swiss highland. This place has got to be a campers’ delight. Every inch of the mountain road offers a breathtaking view. Apart from the fact that it is safer than most cities around the place, it is a must visit for the ladies for its fashion quotient. If it is trendy, fashionable and in the season, be rest assured the shops in Sikkim will have the clothes and at much cheaper prices than the metropolitan cities. So ladies pack your bags for a trendy makeover.




10.Khajihar, Himachal Pradesh

Termed as the Switzerland of India by some, this place has rightly earned its name. Nestled in the interiors of Himalayas, still untouched by commercialization, this place is a delight to be in. low on network connectivity, you will have no option but to shut off your gadgets and simply breathe the fresh air and the greenery that covers the entire place, and boy will you love every minute of it. So if you wish to be lost for a while and not be found by the world outside, this is your go-to place.


So go ahead and add more pages to your book and more memories to your life in these amazing camping sites with your girlies. Discover safe and Secure camping through CAMPPER






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