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Is It Safe To Pitch My Tent At A Random Place?

This is something I address always. “How safe it is to pitch my tent at a random place?” or “is camping safe outside a camp?” Well, from my experience, I would always suggest going for a campsite. Pitching your own tent will be the best thing for a budget trip. But when your safety is concerned, camping at any random place is risky. How risky is what you think? Let’s take a look at risks of camping at any random spot.


Safety matters while camping. Campsites will be well-defined grounds exclusively for camping and other activities. It will ensure your safety during your stay there. But, your safety can’t be assured if you choose to pitch your tent and camp on any grounds rather than a campground.

Risks of Camping. Secured Campsite of Plantation Camping at Ooty
A secured campsite. Plantation Camping at Ooty

Basic Facilities

Campsites come with provision for basic facilities like washrooms, change rooms, facilities for drinking water, food & beverages etc.. This will help to experience a hassle-free camping experience. The risks of camping outside campsites include the unavailability of these basic facilities. Among them, the accessibility to washrooms will be something they will find it difficult. Pitching your own tent outside a campground will force to carry these extra loads of drinking water, food, sleeping bags or bedsheets etc..

Risks of Camping. Basic Facilities at Camp Woody, Suryanelli
Thatched dining space at Camp Woody, Suryanelli

Security Issues

Most of the times, camping outside a campground would turn out into illegal camping or trespassing. Pitching your tent inside a restricted forest area can attract penalisation. Recently, a sporting company was fined 7 lakh rupees for organising an illegal trek in Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Madurai. I had an experience where my tent stay in a local ground was interrupted by Indian armed force during my trips through Kashmir a couple years back. These are some risks of camping outside a campsite. Rather than our camping getting interrupted, these could lead to greater legal problems.
Checking in to a campsite would ensure a peaceful camping experience.

Risks of Camping. Secured Camping at Eagle View Camp, Vagamon
Secured camping in natural terrain. Eagle View Camp, Vagamon

Threat to Life

An amateur camping- where people choose places rather than a campsite for camping- can turn out to be a threat to the camper’s life. While you pitch your tent in or near forest region on an unsecured ground, it might attract animals which can threaten your life. Your tent will be an alien object in a forest and animals will go crazy over that. To avoid that, always choose secured campsites.

Risks of Camping. Secured Camping at Wild Hush 900 Kandi, Wayanad
Secured camping in private ground amidst dense forest. Wild Hush 900 Kandi, Wayanad

Camping Vibes

Camping would be incomplete without a campfire. The vibe of sitting over a campfire and warming up in a chilling climate is something you should experience in a camping experience. Setting a campfire in amateur camping would never be safe. Experience the camping at its fullest form. Choose a campground for your camping trip.

Risks of Camping. Campfire at Thangalpara Top Camp, Vagamon
Campfire at Thangalpara Top Camp, Vagamon

A Peaceful Stay

Camping is something we do to breakdown ourselves. It’s a great stress reliever. To make your every camping trip a peaceful one, choose secured campsites instead of pitching tents at any random places. That will ensure a hassle-free camping experience.

Risks of Camping. Experience Calmness at Cloudbed Camp Ramakkalmedu, Idukki
Experience calmness. Cloudbed Camp Ramakkalmedu, Idukki

Pitching your tents at any random place and spending a night in that would seem adventures. But, the risks of camping like that are so severe. I will always recommend camping in a well-secured campsite for a calm and quiet camping experience. So next time, head to a campsite; it’s worth it.