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Ride Like The Way Of Life. Riding Destinations In Kerala

Going for an epic ride through the hills and the wilderness would be a dream of every youngster. Kicking your better half alive and setting out for an adventure is like breaking all the shackles of a monotony life and breathing fresh air. Despite having a great desire to be a wanderlust, living a life just like the free-flowing wind, people choose to stay back at their comfort zones. Job responsibilities, travel expenses are the reasons they got to state for staying back. But are these a real reason to stay back.

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” quotes Anthony Bourdain. We all think of the things we have to leave behind when we set out for a trip. But, what we gain from that trip might be more valuable than what we left.

The recent trend among the riders is choosing campgrounds as a riding destination. This could satisfy an adventurous riding and an offbeat stay in tents under the warm campfire and calm night sky, close to nature. Here are some of the best riding destinations in Kerala.


Located a decent distance from the touristy Vagamon, Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon is one among the best riding destinations in Kerala. Mist-laden landscapes with off-road trails make this camp much favoured among riders and youngsters. This terraced camp amidst the teascapes would be a perfect place to be at peace after a tiring off-road ride.

A ride of 4hr (135km) from Kochi will take you to Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon.

Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon. Riding Destinations In Kerala
Way to Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon amidst the lush green tea plantations


With an off-road trail of around 2.5km, Arrow Hill Camp Wayanad is one among the much preferred riding destinations in Kerala. Located at the top of Ambukuthimala, this camp could offer a tranquil stay over the rocky terrain. Night trekking to the top of Ambukuthimala being the prime activity, this camp is for those who love adventure.

A 6hr ride (279km) from Bengaluru will take you to Arrow Hill Camp Wayanad.

Arrow Hill Camp Wayanad. Riding Destinations In Kerala
IBR Bangalore at Arrow Hill Camp Wayanad


Being one of the prime campsites in Kerala, Camp Woody at Suryanelli is much preferred among people of all ages. Located around 30km from Munnar, the ride to Suryanelli through the Gap Road is really an adventurous one. Rider groups often opt Camp Woody for a comfy night’s stay. The serene morning view of Aanayirangal Dam and the adventurous sunrise trekking to Kolukkumalai are some must experience activities at Camp Woody.

A ride for 5hr (143km) from Kochi will take you to Camp Woody at Suryanelli.

Camp Woody Suryanelli Munnar. Riding Destinations In Kerala
IBR Bangalore at Camp Woody Munnar


Located at Suryanelli, Meeshapuli Valley Camp is a much-favoured camp among bachelors. Perched at the foothills of Pappathichola amidst lush green teascapes, Meeshapuli Valley Camp is a perfect place for a sleepaway. For the adventure freaks, activities like Kolukkumalai sunrise jeep trek, Pappathichola trek, kayaking, Burma rope activities, ATV rides etc… are available nearby the camp.

A ride for 5hr (147km) from Kochi will take you to Meeshapuli Valley Camp.

Meeshapuli Valley Camp Suryanelli Munnar
Riders had a great time at Meeshapuli Valley Camp Munnar


Being an ideal pit stop on your way through Vagamon, Thangalpara Top Camp at Vagamon is highly prefered by travellers including riders. The vast landscape of Thangalpara Top Camp is a perfect spot to host larger groups. The camp comes with points for trekking nearby. Thangalpara Top Camp is one among the best riding destinations in Kerala.

An overnight ride of about 560km from Bengaluru or a 3hr ride from Kochi will take you to Thangalpara Top Camp.

Night Ride, Thangalpara Top Camp Vagamon
A night from Thangalpara Top Camp Vagamon

Hitting the roads in search of adventure and serenity is a way of living. Roads and rides tell us stories that no one told. It’s a journey in search of something new. So, set out to nature with your engines. Explore these best riding destinations in Kerala. Camping would be the best hope a tedious rider could have. Come, kick start your rides. And Camp with Campper.