Redefining Camping With Campper : Camp In The Arabian Gem with Campper

Traveling the road will tell you more about the road than the Google will tell you about the road.

The mist covered mountains of Suryanelli. The sun-kissed flora of Vagamon. The herd of elephants living in Mankulam. The unraveling beauty of Valara and Cheeyapara. It is one thing to watch them in photos. But to truly experience them is something Campper can help you with.

Kerala, the narrow strip of land shimmed between the Western Ghats on the East and the Arabian Sea on the West s a destination of a lifetime. This timeless beauty has been an escape for many across the world. The dense geographical features on the small strip of land have struck the eyes of photographers. The god’s own country is one of the major tourist attraction as well as the best honeymoon destination in India. It is believed that Kerala is blessed with beauty and culture. Hence it’s known as ‘God’s own country’. Kerala is also famous for its Ayurvedic treatments, high mountains, gorges and deep-cut valley, lush and evergreen rainforest and coconuts water and oil and foods items. Kerala houseboats are one of the prime tourist attractions as they float in the Kerala backwaters.

Campper has connected with many different campsites and camping ground owners to bring out the hidden beauty of Kerala. More importantly, they have succeeded in providing Keralites the true experience of camping. In a way, Campper has stirred up the nature lovers in many and showed the world the little wonders nature holds.

They have arranged trips through the numerous forests and hill stations in Kerala will take you to some of the best waterfalls and dams with a mind-blowing view. With the help of their 50 member team, they make sure their customers leave happy and refreshed.

Campper‘s mission is to help people stay close to nature and experience it with zero impact on nature. Camping in a tent/hammock come across as the best bet. People who have an extra land capacity and who are willing to share with campers have got an opportunity to earn extra revenue by teaming up with Campper, which in turn help them to conserve their land as well. We believe that spending more time outside has its own health benefits like sharper thinking and creativity to simply being happy.

Maximum customer satisfaction. That’s what Campper aims for. And to achieve that, they connect with the major camps across Kerala, providing the people with different options. Campper collaborates with different campsites to give their customers a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience in lands of Malabar.


Enjoy Camping Experiences in Kerala

Trekking means a traveling experience with a thrilling excitement.


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