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Winter Is Calling… Reasons To Go For Winter Camping

Winter isn’t known as camping season, but what if winter camping holds so much charm. With the promise of a quiet day on the hill, a magical night under the stars and fine tasting outdoor food, you might say “Why isn’t everyone doing this?

It is time for you to shed your anxieties, put down your smartphone, pick up your rucksack and head towards nature.


Escaping from the normal bump and grind is what camping is all about, but it’s rare to hear the absolute silence. If you haven’t experienced it even once, we promise you, it’s pure bliss.

The lack of city noise is obvious on a normal camp-out, but winter camping goes beyond that.  You can sit back with a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the roar of the waterfall, the sound of an occasional bird, the rustle of the leaves and that ‘glorious sound of silence’.

It’s eerie at first but soon becomes quite addictive. It’s the number one reason why those outdoorsy types prefer winter camping.

Winter Camping. Calmness
Experience the calmness of nature.


Winter camping nights will welcome you with the magnificence of a twilight night. You don’t have to be the best stargazer to appreciate the beauty of a starlit night. Skies are clearer and stars are brighter at this point of the year.

This is because the days are shortened during the winter months and humidity in the air is less than it is in summer which means less water vapour in the air and less refraction of light which gives you a clear view of the stars.

Winter Camping. Million Star View
The million-star roof


Let’s be honest, while summer is stunning for investing time in the surfboard and enjoying the vibrant nature when you are not in the water, the heat can turn into an awkward companion.

This means all the activities including nature strolls are normally planned for early in the morning to avoid the heat, however, during winter you can enjoy that sleep, cuddled up in your comfortable camping bed and set out later in the day to tackle those walking tracks and take in the fresh clear views.

Winter Camping. Beat the Heat
Beat the heat


There is no better time than winter to experience the warming up over a campfire. The joy of sitting around a campfire with family and friends, discussing the day’s adventures, and what you have planned for the following day is unbeatable.  It’s also a great opportunity to get to know a few new friends from the campgrounds and Yeah, it’s the best opportunity to find some other travel geeks like you.

Winter Camping. Campfire Moods
Campfire Moods


Winter makes everything look better and pristine. Soak up with the breath-taking sunrise, the sparkling dew drops on the grass, whilst hugging a mug of morning coffee and tucking into breakfast made in the camp stove. There is nothing precious than starting a day with the most fascinating experience.

Winter Camping. Start Your Day In A Camp
Start your day in a camp

Winter is here at our doorstep, so it’s time to pack your bags and say goodbye to concrete skylines.

Winter is calling you!!!




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