Reasons to Love Camping

Why Love Camping ?

There are hundreds of reasons to start camping, and it’s difficult to explain the meditative beauty of the Great Outdoors without sounding a little poetic.

Eagle Point Camp @ Vagamon

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already gearing up for your next camping trip. Here are a few reasons to head out as soon as possible.

1. The extra oxygen created by trees and plant life at your campsite.

2. The taste of food cooked over an open campfire in a seasoned iron skillet.

3. The relaxed feeling you get when laying down on a bedroll after an activity-filled day.

4. The absolute silence you can enjoy when boating on a large lake or the ocean.

5. The comfort of a warm tent on a cold night.

6. Trying out new camping gear and showing off new gadgets to your fellow campers.

7. The sense of exploration you get from hiking in a new area.

8. The feeling of accomplishment you get from conquering a mountain or completing a trail.

9. The improved physical health that you can enjoy from spending time outdoors.

10. An up-close-and-personal look at your local plant and animal life.

11. The feeling that you get from improving your bond with your loved ones, friends and coworkers through a long camping trip.

12. The sense of accomplishment you get from dealing with unexpected challenges.

13. The joy of disconnecting from the Internet for a few days to enjoy your natural surroundings.

14. The stress relief you get from leaving your work at the office for the weekend.

15. An unfettered view of the stars, sans light pollution, that simply isn’t available in any major city.

16. The chance to read a book or concentrate on a hobby without any modern distractions.

17. The pride you feel when you (finally) start a campfire.

18. The conversations you can have with the members of your camping party.

19. The joy of pulling in a fish and catching your own dinner.

20. The wonderful feeling of peace and solitude that you get from handling a camping trip on your own or with friends.



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