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Out To Bond: Beat The Heat. Five Camps For This Summer

The scorching summer heat is beating harsh on us. It’s striking hard on our bodies, moods and minds. Summer is not an advisable time to get out. But, it could be a time for a getaway, to the much cool hills and forests.
Check out five camps by Campper to visit this summer. Don’t let the heat get on you. Beat the heat with Campper.


The mystic teascapes and hills of Urumbikara will be a perfect spot for a night out this summer. Head out to Urumbi Hill Camp to experience one of the best summer camping. While the trekking paths and off-road trails will boost up the adrenalin junkie in you, the tea plantations, farms and the lakes nearby will be an ideal spot to spend some quality family time.
30km from Vagamon and 10km from Kuttikkanam, Urumbi Hill Camp is just a 4hr drive away from Kochi.

Teascapes of Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon
The teascapes of Urumbi Hills. Way to Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon


A camp overlooking the serene Aanayirangal valley, Camp Woody is famous for its calm camp spaces. Located at a prime point to enjoy the beauty of Suryanelli and the nearby hill stations, Camp Woody is favourable for campers of all ages. Plenty of shades with roofed camp spaces and dining area ensures a comfortable stay for this summer.
24km from Munnar, Camp Woody is a 5hr drive away from Kochi.

Into The Shades in Summer. Camp Woody, Suryanelli. Munnar
Into the shades. Camp Woody, Suryanelli


Away from the commercialised Ooty, Plantation Camping Ooty provides a unique camping experience for the one who seeks nature. Located in close quarters with forest, Plantation Camping Ooty has got the best strings for a summer getaway. Activities like nature walk, Bison sighting, cave hiking pulls us closer to nature. The waterfall bath near the camp is a must try for this summer. A stay at Plantation Camp Ooty this summer will be a great relief from all this heat.
28km from Ooty, Plantation Camping Ooty is just a 2hr drive away from Coimbatore.

Waterfall Bath. Plantation Camp Ooty
Waterfall bath from Plantation Camp Ooty. Catherin Falls


Hidden inside a centuries-old cardamon plantation, Wild Hush 900 Kandi provides a stay amidst the wild woods of Western Ghats. Concealed amidst the thick forest, Wild Hush 900 Kandi makes us forget all about the outside heat and sun. Cave house trekking and forest walk during the mornings will be freshener for every soul visiting here.
Located 6km from Kalladi, Wild Hush 900 Kandi can be reached by a 3hr ride from Kozhikode or a 7hr ride from Bengaluru.

Forest Walk. Wild Hush 900 Kandi Wayanad. Summer
Forest walk from Wild Hush 900 Kandi Wayanad


Out to the rolling meadows of Kodaikanal, Camp & Trek Kodaikanal is an ideal spot to spend a day out this summer. Located close to wilderness, Camp & Trek Kodaikanal is a perfect place for backpacking adventurous. Activities like sunrise trek and Bison sighting will be a great experience for the campers staying here.
19km from Kodaikanal, the camp is located at Poombarai.

Summer Camp & Trek Kodaikanal
Camp & Trek Kodaikanal

A getaway on this summer to the mystic hills and meadows will be a great experience. An escape from this heat is a need of this time. Explore the camps of Campper for a calm and cool staycation close to nature. This summer, beat the heat with Campper.