New Year Camping Vibes at Munnar

Each New Year brings with it a fresh start and what better way to start the new chapter of your life than camping under the stars, wrapped in a blanket around a campfire surrounded by the people you love. And in the exact moment when you’re lying in your tent, and the stars align just right, there is the feeling that you can’t put into words when you know that the new start you were hoping for has been made. With picture-perfect landscapes, tea plantations extending for miles and an abundance of flora and fauna, Munnar is rightly called the Kashmir of Kerela.

And the New Year’s Eve parties that took place in Munnar made sure that the year 2017 was signed off on a high note.

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New Year Jungle Camping Fest 2018 – TAME- Trek N Tent

Activities offered

A wide range of outdoor activities which included trekking, mountaineering, swimming and the list can of adventure sports go on. In the middle of the forest, and exploring waterfalls while marveling at nature’s beauty, crisscrossing dense forests and spending time with your family and friends are just a few ways of breaking the routine of partying in the cities. For the people who look for that extra rush of adrenaline, then this was the place to be.

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Family Frenzy New Year Camping Party – Munnar

Activities offered

A little getaway trip is just what you need when you want to leave behind all the worries of the past year before heading on to the upcoming year. Sometimes all you want to do is spend time with your family and welcome the year with them. Different families got together to be a part of The Family Frenzy New Year Camping Party. The event gave you just all that is needed to start the year and more, with live performances and wild dancing under the open sky. And if this weren’t enough to reel you in, then the finger-licking food was the final stamp of approval that you needed.

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Activities offered

This camp was a must for you if camping is where you’ve felt most at home with. Along with your camping buddies, who show the same zeal as you when it comes to pitching their tents and setting up a barbeque, this is a surreal way of stepping into the new year. A live performance by “On the Rocks,” fireworks when the clock struck 12, and a plethora of games to choose from were what made this party a memory that stuck to you long after it was over. And if the night weren’t memorable enough, then waking up to rays of sunlight peeking through clouds that write a smile on your face, sure was.

The event was a great success. Campper made sure that everyone had a fantastic time and that they left with a smile on their faces and a memory that they would cherish. So, do not wait and make your reservations well in advance for the end of the year 2018 and let Campper take care of everything.

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