New Year Camping with Campper

Start ‘New’ From Nature. New Year Camping with Campper

The season of joy and hope is coming. The New Year is just weeks ahead!!! Every new year is a new beginning. Beginning of a new year, new dreams and new desires. Last new year eve, as I was going to bed tired, after a night-long boozing and partying, I felt soo bad. I choose to party the new year eve to enjoy the moment. But, ended up in feeling horrible.
As another new year is coming, I’m not in a mood to repeat my mistakes. This time, I’m planning to do something new. A New Year Camping.

New Year Camping is something new for us. It’s just simple. Spend your new year eve camping. Out from all those noises, spend time in the woods and celebrate your new year in peace, sitting around a campfire listening to soothing music.


Away from all the traffics, rushes and noises, camp at the lap of nature, experiencing her calmness and chill. The peace and silence given by campings would be the best thing to experience on a new year eve. Rather than noisy parties, new year campings would help to give ears to our loved ones. Talk, laugh and spend quality time with them under the warmth of your tent.
If you are planning to celebrate this new year with your family, camping would be the best thing to do. There wouldn’t be any other activity rather than camping that could strengthen the family bonding.

Family bonding. Camp Woody
Camping would be an excellent activity to strengthen the family bond. A snap from Camp Woody


Feel the freshness of nature in every breath you take. This new year, take your celebrations outside, to nature. Breath fresh air. A getaway from rushes and pollution, take your new year celebrations to our campsites.

Breath fresh. Camp Woody
Breath-in the freshness of morning chillness. A snap from Camp Woody

Spend the last minutes of a year around a campfire, concealed amidst the December fog. When the needle sticks 12, when a new year was born, let’s gaze the stars and sing welcome to the new year of hopes and happiness. Wish your fellow campers and sleep under a thousand stars.

Enjoy the campfire. Idukki Dam View Camp
Enjoy the New Year Eve under the warmth of a campfire. A snap from Idukki Dam View Camp


Waking up into the sun in a tent will be the most beautiful start you can get for a new year morning. Have some tea and go for some trekking or other activities available near the campsite. Otherwise, wake up early, trek to the nearest high point, explore the landscape and catch the first sunrise of the year.
And most importantly, always remember to put a smile on your face.

Explore the meadows. Thangalpara Top Camp
Explore the meadows. A snap from Thangalpara Top Camp

New Year Campings would be the best thing to start a year. More than enjoyment, it will enrich our mental health, helps in socialisation and strengthen our relationships.
This New Year, plan your celebrations away from the noises and hurries of city life. Head for a New Year Camping with Campper.


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