My camping experience with Campper – Samir Dayal Singh

The OYO of Camping!

I have been very passionate about camping and have camped a few times.

With, we went for the Eagle Point Camp at Vagamon. Me, My brother and his fiance. Just the three of us. On the top of hills. Chilly evenings and misty mornings.
They were here for the first time in Kerala and had heard a lot about it.
Being doctors of Ayurveda, they both wanted to experience the natural beauty of it.

Generally, camping has been a guy type of fun, but Campper is successfully changing that. From one start-up to another, I really admire their work culture and the impact they are making in their domain.

We were a bit concerned about the safety as we had a girl with us.
But the owner of the camping site, Sanju cheta, sensed it. He was very very nice and comforting to us reassured us many times. And soon we were ok.

And then he brought us fire. It was tough to get it right as it was drizzling a bit. With some diesel, soon we were good to go. He left us with the hills in three directions — Thangalpara, Kurishumala, Murugan Para (all the religious hills), a range of western ghat hills below us, a chilly night and the absolute silence all around. We were on our own and now depended on the bonfire and the tents, for comfort.

Man, by very nature, loves to tame. The fire took efforts in the rain. And we got emotionally attached to it. We just couldn’t leave it until it left us, till its last ambers.

We also admire his hospitality and humility. We are going back to him for the elite treatment we received. The food was warm, home cooked, very local and very tasty.

The morning with clouds in the valley below was made unforgettable with the coffee that Sanju cheta brought for us.

Another unforgettable part of the experience was the Hill Safari that Sanju offered to take us on. We also visited another very unknown waterfall — Ullunpunni Falls. The jeep experience was quite thrilling. It costed us 2500 but was totally worth it.

Priyesh was very accommodating and instrumental in getting a booking for us at a very short notice.
I have always been a lover of nature and that’s what my friends expect to see when they visit me in Kerala. It has been messy before when I tried to plan trips.

Now, I invite all my friends to Kerala without any hesitation or worry at all.
Campper is not just well organised, hospitable and safe; its also very affordable for a college going student like me.

Am definitely going to go for many more trips with campper. Very soon.

And they loved Kerala so much. They will be returning soon with all their colleagues from Benaras very soon and Campper is what they will come back to.

And they give most of the credits to me, LOL.

Some more pictures of the whole trip.

Top of the World View

That’s all for now.


Check out the camp where Samir experienced the best of Vagamon