Make most of your camping trip to Munnar

Gods Own Country, Kerala is a unique destination in India, the country known for its cultural and geographical diversity in the world.

When you think of camping. Kerala has got to be one of the key destinations on your list. With several amazing camping destinations, you will never feel bored or out of options. Among these camping options, Munnar is one of the most famous travel destinations which attract tourists from all over the world. You cannot go to Kerala and not go camping in Munnar. From the lush green pastures of tea gardens to the majestic Anaimudi which is the highest point in India other than the Himalayan Mountain Ranges, there are tourist spots in Munnar which are truly romantic and delightful experience for guests from all over the world.


Things to do on a camp in Munnar

Here are a few things you can do while you are on a camp in Munnar


Visit Tea Plantation 

Munnar was initially discovered by the plantation industry around the 1870s but it was discovered by the tourism industry only in the latter half of the 20th century. Munnar town,still retains its colonial charm and is laced with verdant tea gardens. Take a trip to these green fields, know about their glorious history and how they have been preserved thus far. A pleasant weather and a sprawling tea garden walk is sometimes all you need to refresh your soul.


Nature Walk Through Forests

Munnar is home to virgin forests coupled with numerous streams and waterfalls. A walk through the nature amongst such picturesque views is worth all the efforts that you make in reaching here. The sound of gushing streams can all your senses and ease the tiredness if trekking, if any.


Trekking through Hills

Munnar is nothing if not a place of savannahs, rolling hills and scenic valleys with winding walkways. In order to reach the gorgeous forest for the nature walk, some trekking is only fair. What better than a place with Kush green hills sprawled as far as your eyes can see. The winding roads bringing you ever closer to your destination make the camping trip even more exciting and fun! After all, when you achieve anything after efforts, the fruits taste sweeter!


Visit the Confluence 

The name Munnar is believed to mean three rivers, because of the confluence of the Nallathanni,  Mudhirapuzha and Kundaly rivers in the town. On your camping trip it is only fair that you watch this wonderful natural phenomenon and marvel at god’s creations!


Setting Camps and Bonfire 

No camping is ever complete without setting up a camp underneath the starry sky and lighting up a bonfire to make the evening that much more pleasant and beautiful. Being tucked away in the lap of nature, Munnar is free from the polluted atmosphere of the city and thus gives you a rare and wonderful view of the night sky lit up with million stars! Lie down and indulge in some soulful star gazing. Let it all overwhelm you with the gratitude for the creator.


Final Word

Munnar can offer to travellers’ ample opportunities to enjoy the captivating hill station of Munnar. Let Cammpers be your camping guide during your visit to Munnar and help you add more meaningful and amazing memories to the experience of camping in Munnar. The one that you can share with your friends later and make them wish they had not cancelled out on you! Make sure to take enough pictures!



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