Let’s #GoGreen This Diwali

Diwali is the festival of celebrations. The ‘festival of lights’ illuminates our lives with joy and happiness. Diwali also symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, hope over despair and knowledge over ignorance.
While the festival and celebrations should sustain hope and joyness, the usage of firecrackers and non-biodegradable decoration items make it hard for humans, animals and the environment to have a joyful Diwali.
This year, let’s celebrate the festival of lights in a green and responsible manner.


Usage of bright firecrackers are becoming an essential part of Diwali celebrations which creates a vast amount of environmental issues like air pollution, noise pollution etc…
The smartest way to go green is saying no to firecrackers. If that’s hard, use firecrackers which creates less noise and air pollution. Usage of traditional firecrackers would be a good option as they would be creating a much lesser amount of pollution in comparison with the newer ones.
Also, try to convince your whole neighbourhood or society to control and ration the use of firecrackers for a fun, clean and green Diwali.

People bursting crackers as they celebrate Diwali.   (Source: Google)

Awareness program to reduce the usage of firecrackers. (Source: Google)


Try to avoid cheap plastic and other non-biodegradable decoration items which are widely available in the market. These ‘one-time use’ things would be disposed of in huge quantity after the celebrations, which would be a serious environmental issue.
Use decoration items made of paper and similar biodegradable items for decoration purpose.
While purchasing from the market, try not to use plastic carry bags or reuse and recycle the plastic carry bags. Use paper wrapper instead of plastic wrapper for wrapping the gifts.
Celebrate this Diwali in a green manner by sticking to reuse, reduce and recycle mantra.


Illuminate the festival of lights with earthen ‘Diyas’ and lanterns. The Diyas are the prime symbols of Diwali. The tiny lights are the perfect symbol for a happy, peaceful and green Diwali.
Moreover, using earthen Diyas would largely help the people who are into the pottery business.
Other than Diyas, wide varieties of lanterns are now available at the market which also can bright your houses.

Earthen Diyas


Festivals are all about celebrations and happiness. It’s also about making other’s day special too. Gift someone less privileged than you, a special experience of sharing. Otherwise, donate to a charity or volunteer for an NGO. Try to make a difference in the life of people around you. That would be the best festival gift you can gift anyone.

It’s our responsibility to ensure a green Diwali with minimal effect on the environment and the lives of living beings around us. Let’s stick to the above points and ensure a clean, green and joyful Diwali.
Campper wishes a clean, safe Diwali to everyone.