Trek to Kolukkumalai and witness the Breathtaking view of Neelakurinji

Neelakurinji (Strobilanthus kunthianus), the blue called purple flowers which can be seen in the Western Ghats of South India. Neelakurinji is a part of Plantae kingdom and its pretty well-known for its uniqueness which can be seen only once in 12 years. No wonder this purple treasure is called one of the world’s rarest flowers. They can be found in 40 or so species. Tribals named it “kurinji” and we call it “neelakurinji” because of it’s blueish nature.


Kolukkumalai, a small hinterland of Theni district in Tamil Nadu which borders with Idukki District in Kerala. It is recognized for its highest organic tea plantation in the world (300 hectares), about 7,130 feet  above sea level. It lies around 30kms from Munnar – The home of Neelakurinji.  Kolukkumalai is covered with natural scenic beauty and the melodrama by mist and fog. A must visit place for all nature lovers and off-road enthusiasts.

Both sounds interesting & inviting right? Imagine what if these two got blend together? Yes, that’s exactly what we were talking about…

Normally Neelakurinji blooms in Rajamala and Vattavada region of Munnar. But this year, when Neelakurinji hits Munnar again after 12 long years, this legendary flower carpets the mountains of Kolukkumalai with its colors too. The breathtaking view of an early morning sunrise is something which you shouldn’t miss there. Trekking is the only way to reach the top of Kolukkumalai. Jeeps are available around foothills which costs around 2000-2500 for about 8 people. Almost 9 hairpins and 1 hour of bumpy ride is what it takes to reach the top of Kolukkumalai. The astonishing view of the purple mountains will be an all time memorable glimpse.  Meeshapulimalai, the second highest peak in South India, is also situated very near to Kolukkumalai.

So pack your bags, get set to witness this rare phenomenon in its utmost beauty, hit the roads and head to Kolukkumalai. Love Nature. Live with Nature.

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