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When They Say ‘Indians Travel For Social Status’

The tagline of Campper says ‘check-in to outdoors.’ All the blogs and travel stories we publish exclaims the goodness of outdoors, the bests of nature, woods, sunshine and everything. But it seems nothing matters. A recent survey suggests Indians travel for social status. And that’s not a big thing to be proud of.


The survey conducted by ‘’ says 75% of polled Indians take a leisure trip for their social status. While people used to travel to get away from the daily annotations and unwind, this trend suggests the losing identity of true wanderlusts and travel stories. The influence of social media is the single biggest reason behind such a result. While people celebrate life behind their social media profiles, what they are missing is the goodness of nature and some precious experience that could last a whole life.

Travel Stories
A study suggests Indians take leisure trip for their social status

Even then, the study shows a majority of Indians (88%) also travel to ‘give themselves some time to relax’, which is something to look forward to. It seems like Indians are so moved with nostalgia, that 80% of surveyed travel to ‘rediscover past good times’. Further moving on, 79% travel ‘to experience a simpler lifestyle’ and 76% travel ‘to get away from the demands at home’. While for 75% of travellers, it’s about ‘going to places where their friends have not been to.’ Let’s hope that’s not to show off their ‘travel social status.’

We do take photographs on your leisure trip and share the same on social media. Blabbing our travel stories is fine, but a trip shouldn’t be just for showing off our social status.
Travelling to places is a great deal. Every trip comes with lots of experiences. That’s what we have to take away and be proud of. A getaway will help to unwind and refresh ourselves. Thereby living a great life.
Travelling will give us exposure to different cultures, hospitalities, foods, tastes etc… which will be a great experience which could live beyond our social posts.

Travel Stories
Live the moment


An excellent example of this is the travel trends of other nationalities. For 80% of Malaysians and Singaporeans, food is a motivation for planning their holidays! The travellers from these two countries were mostly motivated by the opportunity to try out a new type of food from different countries.
For most of the nationalities, getting some downtime is a top motivation to travel.
French travellers are taken by ‘being free to act how I feel.’ Further, 73% of Argentineans are tempted by ‘nostalgia to rediscover past good times’, while around 80% of Chinese & Taiwanese travel to ‘experiencing a simpler lifestyle.’

Travel Stories
For most nationalities, the top motivation to travel is to get some downtime

India is a great country with diverse travelling destinations. It would be the best place of a diverse array of travel stories. From the rain forests of the east to the hot sand dunes of Thar at the west; From the seashores & tropical mountains of the south to the snow-clad peaks of the north; Of the plains of Ganga to the plateau of Deccan; this land would offer the best travelling experiences for a true wanderlust.
Travelling is an escape. From the daily commotions to the raw experiences. Explore it. Enjoy it. Along with updating your social feeds, live your travel stories…

With lots of love for outdoors^


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