Out to her calmness. Weekday Getaway

Out to her Calmness. A Weekday Getaway

“Kids of this generation don’t know the right way to enjoy nature. They just go, do some crazy things and come back”, one of my senior colleagues said. I smiled and completed my leave letter. Taking my backpack and kicking live my motorcycle, I’m setting out for a weekday getaway…


I am Yasir Zain. I work at the fire department of Kochi City. Kochi is a highly fast-paced city. We will always be on action. As a day ends, it would have taken the best out of us. For us, there is no weekend. Six days a week is a working day. But the plus point is, we can decide on which day we wanna take off. I always work on Sundays, coz’ that would be the day with the lesser number of calls. And I try to take an off on either Monday or Tuesday. You know the reason, right?
So in this fast-paced life of Kochi, whenever I feel exhausted, I take a break. I just step back, take a breather and get outside. Nature heals every wound. And it refreshes every soul which seeks her.

Weekday Getaway. Trekking
Quest in search of her serenity


“Getting outdoors is soo difficult.” I have heard people saying this. I don’t understand that. They say “we need proper planning before heading out.”
I don’t plan things. Especially my trips to outdoors. I just go and experience whatever comes to me. I don’t think getting outdoors is difficult if you make it a priority. Being outdoors can be intimidating for a lot of people. But if you are going to a well-set campground, there is no need of much background info on your adventure.
During most of my trips, I use to camp overnight at the campgrounds of Campper. They are really awesome. They ensure a secure camping experience close to nature and thrive to provide basic facilities for the campers.

Weekday Getaway. Camping with Campper.
Settling down with Campper


I always go for an outing on a weekday. That will ensure a crowd-free travel experience. There won’t be long queues, no waiting, just go out and experience outdoors in peace. You can’t expect that on some weekend. But of course, you might need to take leave for a day or two, but it’s worth it. And moreover, weekday outing is a perfect leave reason 😉

Weekday Getaway. Calmness
Encountering her calmness


Getting outdoors is soo fun. Go for some trekking, sit at the banks of some river and do things that we don’t do on a regular basis. Nature has been set not to mourn, but to enjoy and explore every bit of it.
There is no right way to enjoy nature. No one has ever set any codes like that. You can enjoy nature in your style. You just need to get out…that’s all…


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