10 hacks for Carrying lighter bags for a camping Trip

As E.O.Wilson puts it so beautifully, “Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” Camping in the lap of the vast outdoors rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. In the quest for mental lightness, most people prefer to keep their bag light too.


Lighten your backpack

Perhaps the easiest way to lighten your backpack is to choose a trustworthy camp partner like Campper.com which makes all the basic amenities available and the load is automatically light.

1.Hassle Free Camping

Once you have a set camp site and the basic amenities like food and water set up by Campper, the list of stuff you need to carry is devoid of camping gear.

2.Wool is Cool

Carry only water resistant synthetic clothes that are light weight. Cotton are a strict No No. Even your socks should be wool.

3.Keep it Dry

It is a good idea to dry out all your stuff as moisture adds weight to your things.

4.Boot Up

Use light weight trail runners that are light and dry easily. Boots are no longer the best choice when you want to travel light.

5.Sleek & Neat

Pack carefully and distribute the load equally in the backpack so that you can ditch the extra shoulder or sternum straps and save a kilo or so from your backpack well.

6.Pack Lightly

You really do not need more than one change of clothes, except maybe socks that tend to dry slowly. Shed the extra load and travel in one spare.

7.Avoid Plastic and Go Natural

Carry only light weight plastic one-liter plastic bottles. They add a lot to the weight of your backpack while trekking. It is a better option to find watering holes where you can drink and refill.

8.A Better Connection

Ditch the electronics. The laptop, tablet, mobile and Kindle add a lot of weight. If you are in a secure Campper.com site, there will always be a way to communicate. Even on a trek, a light weight small phone can be enough to keep you in range.

9.Stay Moisturised

It is a good idea to carry multipurpose cosmetics like Vaseline that can be used on cuts and abrasions, as a moisturiser to avoid blisters and also as a slow burning lighter fuel.

10.Sweat for Good

There is actually no need to carry deodorant. They are a dead weight and the smell can attract unwanted insects and animals.


There is so much more you can do to lighten the weight, but unless you want to really rough it out, a semi-adventure can be enjoyed with Campper. Anytime Anywhere 365 Days



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