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‘Some Views Are Worth Freezing For’ Girls Camping In Vagamon

I have recently returned from the most incredible view at Urumbi Hill Camping in Vagamon and I want to share what it’s been like. It was an amazing experience that I am still thankful for every single moment.

As my hectic lifestyle has got me down I was looking for ways to escape. So, when my friend Kiran shared his camping experience at 900 Kandi, I was excited. Scenic landscapes, adventure spots, colours of beautiful nature packs them all! I have never been part of that kind of feel and I really wished to experience that freshness.

900 Kandi Camping In Kerala
Camping at 900 Kandi


And this summer I with my 3 friends have decided to go camping in a hill station. But the first thing that came to our mind when we planned for camping was safety. It’s always a bit daunting when a girl travel to a new place especially camping to forests and hills. But my friend assured that camping sites of Campper are family friendly and safe. Because he has always camped with Campper during all his trips.

A dream destination and a wish to go for a long journey to see all the aforesaid things finally came to a halt at Urumbikkara with the support of Campper. We were so relaxed to start our journey because they have planned our entire trip. And that’s the start of our camping in Vagamon

Urumbi Hill Camping site in Vagamon
Way to Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon


Urumbikkara is a mystical beauty sleeping in her charming bastion of greenery. At an altitude of 3500ft Urumbi Hills is located in the south part of Idukki district between Vagamon and Kuttikkanam.
We four started early in the morning to Urumbikara by bus. Around 3 pm we reached Memala and to our surprise Naijo Chettan, our caretaker was ready waiting there to take us to the destination. From Memala, long road was very rough and is only suited for jeeps or SUV’s.

We reached our camp after a 5km ride from Memala. On the way the view of valleys from the hills was mesmerizing. The well-laid plantation road will give way to an off-road trail towards the last 1km. From the parking point, a short walk took us to the beautiful camping area. As we checked in the destination we were served with refreshment drinks.

Urumbi Hill Camp in Vagamon
Calmness, mist & Urumbi Hill Camp


To my surprise, we have two other families with kids camping on that same day. Our caretakers gave a rough introduction and provided some information about the location & camp space. There are morning and nighttime camping activities, so something for everyone.
Our first camping in Vagamon was a luxury one. The terraced camp space was surrounded by lush green tea plantations. It even had a proper restroom. They provided 2 tents for us & our tents were equipped with beds, blankets & pillows. It was spacious and neat. The farming spaces in the camp was also a new experience for us.

A small check dam at the entrance, a cliff at the end and the vast space of the camp enable campers to roam around and explore the camp space.
The view of clouds passing the mountains and mist moving in front of us was breathtaking.

A few meters walk from the camp was a beautiful viewpoint. By 5.30pm all guests were taken for sunset trek. A hike in the mountains was invigorating. The beautiful sunset view from the hilltop was an outstanding sight to behold. The clouds were like great wings of gold and yellow. The clearness of the atmosphere, and the brilliance of the colours; yes, some views are really worth freezing for. We sat there relaxed, captured memories of sunset, and headed back to our campsite.

Urumbi Hill Camp Viewpoint
Awaiting… Viewpoint at Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon


While the campfire was being set up we all sat around the fire in circles and the fun time started with an icebreaker intro session. We played music and embrace the beauty of stars, dark night and nature.
After a bit of dancing the gathering got dispersed upon the arrival of food. We were served yummy Chapatti and Chicken Curry along with BBQ for the dinner.
When dinner was over, most of us went into their own tents and snoozed off. But a few courageous souls (like me) slept later after discussing horror stories until midnight and that’s how a great day came to an end.

Campfire in Urumbi camping
Fun at Urumbi Campfire


Next day, we woke up early in the morning. After grabbing a hot bed coffee we set out for the sunrise trek. The scene of dawn breaking over the mountains was a magical scene. I spend some time curled up with my favourite book & my playlist. We felt so relaxed and fresh after a long trekking to the nearby waterfall. There are few times in our life that words can’t explain the true beauty of nature. And even the camera doesn’t do justice to the experience, and those moments can only be felt in the heart. And this was one of them.

Madamakulam Waterfall at Vagamon
At Madamakulam


While we are having our breakfast, we also had a nice time talking to our fellow campers and caretakers and get to know them. We met as strangers. Now we are all good friends. By 11.30 am, we all said goodbye to Urumbi Hills.

A big dream has come true for us. Since the world has changed and we girls have got so many opportunities to explore, no matter what age it’s never too late for travel. All you have to do is to take chances.

After all, it’s only our experiences that we can enjoy, cherish and remember forever!
Thank you Campper!