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It’s Time To Keep Your Promise To Kids. It’s Time for Family Vacation

Summer is here! With the hassle of examinations soon to be over, it’s almost time to start your kid’s holidays! As your kids were studying for the last 10 months, it’s time for a break and go for a family vacation.

We know that our kids are learning so many things outside their classroom. When we try to understand their skills and sensibilities it is definitely going to surprise us. The knowledge they have gained above their readings, observations, from discussions with friends etc… is tremendous.

So as a parent why don’t we give a surprise to our kids by planning an adventurous trip?

As our kids learn new things by being open to a new way of life, diverse cultures and different peoples … it sounds nice, doesn’t it?!

Going for a family vacation is not a need, but a WANT.

1. It’s A Time To Reconnect

Whether it’s going for trekking, kayaking, enjoying the campfire or just relaxing on the beach everything has a far-reaching impact on kids. We can develop a strong bond within the family by knowing them more, let our kids know how cool we are while we learn their likes and dislikes. While you go for vacation make sure you don’t carry your work stress. Your family needs your quality time.

Reconnect Your Family. Camp Woody Suryanelli
A family that travel together stay stronger. Camp Woody Suryanelli

2. Learning Through Experience

Travelling is a great means to experience and expand a child’s understanding of the world. Those who travel more is likely to have increased tolerance and respectfulness. Their mind will be fresh and keen to learn new things and try out new stuff. Kids who travel more are smart, confident, self- esteem and adaptable. They also get to know how others communicate and connect socially.

Being In Nature Is Good For Learning. Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon. Vacation
Being in nature is good for learning. Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon

3. It’s A Dose Of Nature

When we spend time by connecting to the natural world we are allowing our kids to use their senses. Instead of seeing nature through paintings let them feel it by waving in the wind, hearing the birds humming, feel the sand between toes, dramatic sky and peaceful riversides, walking through the woods, waterfalls and beautiful sunsets. Studies suggest that even such quick glimpses of nature can improve the performance of the brain by providing a mental break from the thoughtful demands of city life.

Be At Nature. Munnar Base Camp Adimali. Vacation
Being at nature will be an excellent experience for your child to learn and develop. Munnar Base Camp Adimali

4. Lasting Memories

Everybody wants to escape from our daily grind. Be it children or adults going for a vacation is the time to enjoy our life at the fullest. Playing, singing, dancing doesn’t stop and these are the lasting memories. It’s a great occasion for kids to hear from their parents the adventures they have had, that they will share one day with their kids.

Make Memories Worth Keeping. Camp Woody Suryanelli. Vacation
Make memories worth keeping. Camp Woody Suryanelli

So this summer plan a trip with your family to explore new spaces.

It’s a great occasion for kids to shape and mould their personality and naturally grow stronger as an individual and a family.

Raising your young little travellers is thrilling and tiring. But so, so worth it.