Waking up with loved ones in a tent: Family Camping Experience.

In our daily rushes and work hurdles, the one thing we don’t do is spending time with our family. The family is a bond and we have to find some time to be together, be a family.
So when I decided to spend some quality time with my family this weekend, I came across Campper on Facebook. I have never been to a camping. So what it would be like to camp with our family? We decided to find it out.


The very path to our camping site Camp Woody at Anayirangal Valley was amidst the tea plantations. At around 4,600ft we were connected to nothing but just nature. With the lush green tea plantations, the Anayirangal Valley and the chilling temperature surrounded us, we were experiencing something we never felt. Holding the people I love the most in my hands and staring at the blue sky was something I hadn’t done in years.

The mesmerizing view from Camp Woody


The tents were soo spacious for our small 3 member family. Beds and blankets were provided from the camp itself, which significantly reduced our backpack size.
This camping experience helped us to be ourselves. I and my family sit in a round, played games, sang songs, told stories, laughed for jokes and we spend a quality time being ourselves.
As the time moved, it was time for dinner. And after a long time, we ate our meals together. And we really missed those moments. We joined with other campers and prepared BBQ and shared with all. All those activities were full of team sprite. No one sat idle.

Dine area at Camp Woody


The campfire was an unforgettable memory. Sitting around those glowing firewoods, singing and dancing in peace amidst the wintery fog was something we want to stay forever. Gazing the stars up, showing the constellations to my little daughter was something I have never done before. Being with my family, at the greatest piece of mind was what that night gifted me.

Blissful campfire


Waking up in a tent, to the glistening rising sun was another unforgettable experience. The fog can be seen still stuck with the tea plantations. Walking with my family through that tea plantation with chilling fog and filtering golden rays of the rising sun at early morning was something which can be achieved only by camping.
Packing up our backpacks was the difficult thing. Last night was something I was looking for ages. Spending quality time with my family, by living close to nature was a great package. All thanks to Campper for this priceless experience, that too on affordable rates. We are leaving Camp Woody today. But for sure, a lot more trips to this camp and other Campper campsites are in our mind already. See you soon Camp Woody…

Serenity at its peak