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Digital Detox. An Escape To ‘No Network’ Camps

In this digital world inorder to prioritize our life things rather than work things it’s necessary to take a break & do digital detox at a ‘no-network’ camp

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed each morning? Or else the last thing you do at night? Brush your teeth? Feed your dog? Take a shower?

No! It is checking your phone? Isn’t it?

Don’t worry—you’re not alone.

We are always so connected to this digital world. In the face of all the devices we use, Can you put down all the technology and just be? Getting away from all wireless signals, finding a bit of peace and be free. It’s called a digital detox and yes, you can!

Connected Generation. Digital Detox
A generation constantly ‘connected’. Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash


You need to decide how long you’re going to switch off. Most people start with a full 24 hours. Weekends, holidays and vacations are a good time to give digital detox a try. It requires switching off all gadgets to enjoy the screen-free time while exploring more active alternatives of enjoyment.

For some, it is travelling with their families to their dream destinations. Others, it’s camping with friends to remote locations so they can get away from the never-ending notifications, email and digital world. They had to go off hiking into the wilds to get off-line and peace. They call camping their digital detox.

Cracking A Joke. Digital Detox
Off from the blue screens, crack a joke with our favorites


The hardest thing about doing a digital detox isn’t the detox part. But the planning and deciding where you’re going to do it.

Choose a place with no network and leave your laptops and iPads at home, spend time connecting with nature, reading a book, playing with your kids or doing nothing at all.

Looking to cut your digital ties on your next trip? Try one of these ‘no network’ spots.

Out Of Network. Kolukkumalai. Digital Detox
Out of ‘network’


Have you ever dreamt of living in nature? Enjoying some peace, surrounded by mystic tea-scapes and hills. Well, then it is time for you to switch off your mobile phones and head to explore some stunning trekking paths, tea plantations, farms, lakes & off-road trails in Urumbi Hills.

30km from Vagamon and 10km from Kuttikkanam, Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon is just a 4hr drive away from Kochi.

Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon. Tranquil Campfire
A tranquil campfire from Urumbi Hill Camp Vagamon


Located at the height of 4612 feet above sea level, Wild Hush 900 Kandi is an ultimate getaway from the digital world. It provides a stay amidst the wild woods of Western Ghats. Camping in the thick wilderness is an experience you can never forget. If you want to replace the virtual with the real, then make a switch. Explore centuries-old cardamom plantation, experience the rich flora and fauna, cave house trekking and forest walking at Wild Hush 900 Kandi Wayanad.

6km from Kalladi, Wild Hush 900 Kandi Wayanad can be reached by a 3hr ride from Kozhikode or a 7hr ride from Bengaluru.

Into The Wild. Wild Hush 900 Kandi Wayanad
Into the wild. Wild Hush 900 Kandi Wayanad


If getting lost is your thing, nothing can be better than Plantation Camp Ooty. This place offers pristine natural landscapes and unique camping experience. Switch off your phone and switch on your senses to pamper yourself with a nature walk, Bison sighting and a chilling waterfall bath.

28km from Ooty, Plantation Camping Ooty is just a 2hr drive away from Coimbatore.

Plantation Camp Ooty
The untained Plantation Camp Ooty


Health isn’t just about what you eat, it’s about what you think. When we’re less distracted, our minds truly function better.

Once your mind is clear, it is much easier to see what is really important in your life. If I ask your priorities of any day, you’ll most likely give a list of work-related things. Let this vacation give you the opportunity to think about something other than work. Give a chance to prioritize ‘life’ things and not just ‘work’ things.

Life, at its best, is happening right in front of you. Our world may be changing. But the true nature of life is not.

But if we are too busy staring down on a screen, we’re gonna miss all of it.



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