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A Detour From The Mountains. Family Camping At Kavvayi Island Camp

I enjoyed the puzzled look on Resiya’s face seeing the boat. Yeah, it’s an ‘island’ on which we are gonna camp.

“Here comes your globetrotter. What caused you to come home now? How long I have been asking you to take this old couple for a day out? But you are always busy travelling… blah… blah… blah…” This is something I always hear from Uppa when I come home!!!
I’m Fizal Mubarak, a wildlife photographer working in contract with Nat Geo Magazine. So yeah, you guessed right. I mostly will be away from my home. And when I’m home, back from my so-called ‘globetrotting’, I just need to lay down and sleep… and that’s all. Being lazy like crazy๐Ÿ˜œ But not this time, I guess! I have to take them somewhere. (Otherwise, they are gonna kill me) So, I thought I will take my family camping at Kavvayi.

Tent stays, sleeping in sleeping bags, warming up with campfires, trekking deep forest and mountains are like a routine for me. But not for my Uppa, Ummachi and Resiya, my sweet little sister- my family. Recently I came to know that Campper has launched a camp at Kavvayi, which is hardly 40km from Kannur. I have camped a couple of times with Campper and the experience was really good. So I thought of taking them for an island camping at Kavvayi. For them, it will be a day out, stay in a tent, on an island. And for me, sound sleep in a hammock, peace๐Ÿ˜‡.


We started our camping trip to Island Camp Kavvayi by afternoon on a Wednesday. I always love weekday trips. Those will be the days with fewer tourist crowds and a comfortable visit. Pratheek from Campper has called us and shared the details and location of the camp. Now all that matters is experience your camping trip.
At the location provided, we parked our vehicles and called Jithin, the caretaker of the camp. He sent a boat for us. Yeah, it’s an ‘island’ on which we are gonna camp. I enjoyed the puzzled look on Resiya’s face seeing the boat. The retired naval man of our home standing next to me looked energetic, like a man in his thirties.

Kavvayi Camping Trip
Waiting for the boat. Serene backwaters of Kavvayi


Jithin was waiting at the dock to welcome us. With a warm smile, the young man took us to the camp. A vast space inside a coconut plantation, that’s Island Camp Kavvayi. The first thing I looked for is a hammock. And there it is. Hung up between two coconut trees, calling me like a nymph. Uppa was standing near a kayak, looking around desperately. Like a small boy, he might be shouting inside his head, ‘someone please let me into this water.’
“Kayaking facilities are available at the camp and its included in the price” Pratheek had informed us earlier, and Uppa was looking forward to that. ‘Back to the waters, bitch.’ ๐Ÿ˜‚

Jithin came with refreshments along with some local sweets. And Ummachi went after him to know about the recipe. Uppa was already in the waters with a kayak. I was about to climb into my hammock for a quick sleep.
“Ikkakka, come. Let’s go fishing.”

Kavvayi Camping Sunset view
Sunset from Island Camp Kavvayi


Sunset from the island was one of the best things we experienced. Sitting at the edge of the island, with legs into the waters, looking at Uppa kayaking through the serene waters, talking with Umma and teasing Resiya, we spent some quality time camping at Island Camp Kavayi.
Dinner was really yummy. Even though Umma has got some flaws on the chicken curry, everyone loved the food.
Before getting into our tents, we played UNO cards, sing songs and enjoyed every bit of this family camping. Ummachi and Resiya get into one tent, while Uppa took the other one. The hammock was more than enough for me. Laying down there, staring at the starry sky, I drifted off, with a smile on my face…
‘It was a great day.’

Kayaking in Kavvayi Backwaters
Peaceful backwaters of Kavvayi. Uppa with his kayak


Next day started slowly. Uppa has gone for another round of kayaking while Ummachi and Resiya were having tea served by Jithin.
The breakfast was simple. Appam and Kadala Curry with tea. After having breakfast, we explored the whole island. It seemed like the only kind tree on that island was coconut. The island has some areas filled with water and a canal kinda water body running straight across the island. Those regions had mangrove vegetation.
By around eleven, the boat to take us to the mainland came. We thanked Jithin and his team, for hosting us and giving us a great family camping at Island Camp Kavvayi.

Island Camping Kavvayi
Island Camp Kavvayi. An aerial view


That family camping trip to an island turned out to be a great experience. I have camped before at jungles, hills and mountains. But camping on an island was a detour. All of us enjoyed every bit of our camping trip to Kavvayi.
On our way home, I got a call from Pratheek of Campper.
“How was your camping, sir?”