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Crazy Heads…This Way Please…

Camping is something we do for leisure. For a getaway from our daily hurries, for something fresh and new. But, what if you can benefit from your camping trips? What if we feature your photographs across Campper‘s social media platforms? What if we publish your travelogues on our blogs? And what if all that will earn you some free camping trips?
Welcome to the world of Campper’s freaks.

Even when you stuff your backpacks with all the madcap things, try to find some space for a camera, or a notepad and a pen, or a canvas and a bunch of pencils and colouring tools. Coz’ we got some space for your creative works.


Capture the beauty of nature, joys of fellow campers and everything that comes in front of your camera. Scribble down your thoughts, develop your stories, write us your camping experience. Sketch the people around, paint your surroundings, give some colours to the lives around.

Send all your creative stuff inspired by our camping experience. Be it your photographs, scribblings made during the trip, your camping experience, sketches or paintings you made, whatever… If you can find some ‘insanity’ over your creations, that one will suit us.

Featured Photograph. Munnar
Smile at Curves | Munnar
Featured photograph by Jerin Sebastian on Instagram.


We have got some bunch of crazy heads here at Campper to review all your artistic works. The best ones will find its way to our social media platforms, websites, blogs etc…
And the best part, those lucky wanders whose works got featured will stand a chance to win free camping, early bird tickets and special coupons for our events.

Featured photograph. Happy Campper
Featured photograph by Yazeen M Kabeer on Instagram.

So what are you waiting for? Camp with Campper, share with Campper and win from Campper. Visit us over our Facebook, Instagram pages. Also, check out our website Happy Camping…