The Complete Family Camping Spots

Every adventure enthusiast prefers a lovely time when he/she can lie under the starlit sky and observe the moon play peek-a-boo with the clouds. Every family needs a break from the hectic schedule, so why not camping an option? It is an absolute bliss for people who hold within that rush of excitement to explore nature in its serene form.

India is a classic landscape where you can experience the beauty of family camping by visiting sites which are wrapped in the arms of mother nature in the most epic form. South India is not restricted to ancient temples and monuments, as this region has many places which are successfully utilized as camping locations. Let us analyze some of the most suitable spots which you can access with your family without much inconvenience.


The gorgeous hill town of Yelagiri in Tamil Nadu is renowned as a backpacker’s paradise. The presence of dense green forest along with picturesque locales,this is seen as a perfect place to access a camping trip. Moreover, a secure stay is offered in this region for families that are added with activities such rock climbing and paragliding.


Godavari River Camp

The Godavari delta is seen as another famous destination for campers. The Coringa mangrove forests are such prominent sites where you can enjoy the beauty of nature without getting disturbed. What more? This region also has a wildlife sanctuary which can be visited without any hassle. The nature trails shouldn’t be missed as it would help you acquire a glimpse of several species of reptiles. This is one of the preferred camping trips in South India.

As history speaks, the Haleri rajas ruled Coorg for 221 years, but they weren’t aware this place would bloom in such a magical form in the future. Coorg is a popular tourist destination in the southern part of India and is located in Karnataka. You can see tourists all around the year which is all because of its soothing climate. Most people often call it the ‘Scotland of India’ and preferred by campers who love to indulge in various adventure activities. Family camping is a suitable option as you can access enjoy activities such as trekking, cycling, rock climbing and more.


You cannot miss out the incredible camper’s escapade in the hilly terrains of Munnar. The densely flourished forests add charm to this place and tourists love to visit this region to cherish the various shades of nature. This glorious spot in Kerala consists of challenging hills for trekking which are admired by camping enthusiasts. Munnar camping shouldn’t be missed due to its scenic views that would mesmerize your soul



The serene beauty of Wayanad does attract a lot of tourists. This place is located in the Western Ghats and offer campersopportunity to access activities such as trekking, cycling etc, all across the hilly terrains. It is a perfect place to head to with friends and family during the weekends.

Looking at these amazing places you might experience that urge to pay a visit and enjoy the high-end rush of camping. For this, you can trust the service offered by Campper which would guide you in the best manner for making your camping time more fun & memorable. In the end, we would conclude by saying, ‘Time spent camping isn’t time spent, it is time invested.’



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