The Perfect Camping Trip

 Planning a camping trip will not  fail anymore

 Camping is the only way that I can be as close to nature as possible. Camping breaks the barriers of walls and the stay in a flimsy shelter in the cradle of nature is the ultimate high for nature lovers. The wilderness beckons like a beacon and the mind crave freedom and silence. The breath of freshness that comes in the wake of a great camp in the midst of lush greenery and the vast outdoors is a balm to the weary body and jaded mind. I am a great believer in the adage that “nature is the best healer”. I love to plan camping tours but have had disastrous ones at a couple of instances. Plan well to avoid disappointment has become my mantra especially when I was planning a camping trip Kerala.

Camping is fun with the right people

There is always someone in the group who is plagued by mosquitoes or finds the amenities too basic or the camping site inadequate. They make no effort to tone down their criticism too! I have no patience with these party poopers and do not tolerate them their tantrums at all. It is a better idea to choose a group that comes from a similar mindset or take a suggestion from a seasoned camp organiser like

Pre-plan the tour in detail

There are sites that are new and there are tried and tested camp sites. I generally choose from the selection available at and avoid nasty surprises. With fabulous sites like Vagamon Eagle Point camp, Vagamon Rocky camp, Mankulam Valley View camp, Yellapatty Cloudfarm Camp and Kollukumalai Tea Plantation camp, I am spoilt for choice for the ideal location.

Once the location is selected according to the mood I am in serene or adventurous, it is time to choose the facilities carefully. The different camps offer different types of experiences. All fellow campers should know of my choice and adhere to it. I do not let anyone hijack my dream trip!


 Other factors that create a perfect camping trip

There is so much to consider when I plan a camping trip. I prefer long weekends or a weekday and fix the dates well in advance to get the best rates and the choicest of locations. It is also a good way to avoid crowds and noise. The idea of the camping trip is to get away from the “madding crowds” in the first place. has a host of choices for a discerning traveller like me to get away and relax. Leave the hassle to and have the best vacation of your life.



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