Camping Spots Near Bangalore To Explore

For the population which loves to plan adventure camping trips, there are several amazing locations in South India which can work to satisfy your desire. There are some exciting places close to Bangalore that can be visited to access a lovely natural setup. You can stay in resorts or can even try out a unique home-stay experience without any hassle.

Adventure tourism is quite active in the popular camping sites near Bangalore. Let us analyze these superb campsites so as to learn about their serene surroundings.


The Duchy of Kalhatty is a well preserved natural region nestling in the Nilgiris, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world.  This place is located at a height of 2000 meters above sea level and is the home to several rare species of flora and fauna. Moreover, the presence of 250 acres of wild land with the possession of the Kalhatty waterfall, this region suits perfectly for camp lovers. It is an ideal place to drop your tent and admire the surrounding beauty.

ECR- Bhive

For an offbeat adventure experience, you can visit this campsite which is 50 feet from the sea. Tourists admire the sunrise at Bhive which presents magical views of the beach. Pitch your tent close to the sea, and take a refreshing outdoor shower to feel relaxed.


Coorg is located at the edge of the forest and is perfect for people for are in search for an adventurous retreat. The best aspect about this place is the presence of dense woods, small rivulets and coffee plantations. It is seen as one of the most picturesque campsites in the whole of Karnataka. One can take a dip in the small stream close to the campsite or prefer going for a jungle walk. For adventure enthusiasts, there are various activities such as white water rafting, rope climbing & full day treks.


JenuKallu is located close to the foothills of Jenukallu mountain. This campsite will give you the most fantastic view of the mountain. Tourists admire the exotic surroundings with a strong backdrop along with green coffee plantation, gushing streams, unspoiled wilderness, surging waterfalls and surely breath-taking sunsets. You would be presented a secure stay in JenuKallu, so feel easy to plan a trip to this place.


You would have to travel 75 km from Bangalore to reach this fabulous place. It is nestled between 2 minor ridges close to a lake. This campsite is suitable for friends and family both, making it a versatile camping destination. One can access a trek over the rocky hill or can work to build a raft and explore the lake. Nachikuppam is a relaxed area that would keep you happy throughout the stay.

Seagate Wayanad

This campsite is located near the biggest Earth dam in India. Seagate camping is tagged as a beautiful campsite which is managed in the lush green hills of Wayanad. Tourists call it one of the best destinations in Kerala for adventure purpose. You can try your hand at fishing, speed boating etc. Enjoying the campfire, singing songs and barbecue, are some of the classic features of this place.

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