Why Campper? When you have Cheaper Homestays

Getting to your campsite during the twilight on a Friday, pitching your tent with a headlamp (which might be tricky), setting up your own cuisine, getting exposed to nature and sleeping under the stars. It’s the time when the morning sunshine becomes your wake-up call between the thick greenery. Finally becoming a part of nature. That’s what traditional Camping is all about.

Several seasons and generations passed, people have changed, camping agendas has changed. When nature is slowly becoming a villain due to human beings’ impolite attitude, people are getting away from nature. Most of them are preferring huge infrastructures for their shelter, while many of them are still in love with nature.

A common question which arises in everyone’s mind, “Why camping when you have cheaper homestays.?” Whenever someone raises an idea of camp on the weekend, most of them turn their head showing their lack of interest in camping. Camping was popular from the 20th century itself, but still most of them are not serene with camping. This is mainly because of their lack of confidence and interest.

While planning on a vacation trip or a stay away from home for one or more nights, you will be thinking of booking hotel rooms online. Dreaming about staying by a swimming pool with a cocktail in hand. Searching popular sites and comparing rates and availability of rooms. The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear camping will be safety for sure. Yes, safety is a bigger concern for everyone, everywhere. Doesn’t matter what they do, everyone will try to maintain their own Safe Zone.

Things won’t be different in the case of staying away from home, even if its hotels, homestays or tents. Most of them don’t own a tent to camp or may not think of camping even if they like camping. What if you have an option to book guarded campsites online with all essentials just as booking rooms. That’s the point of time where Campper scores and still topping the table guarding the campers. We sense ‘n value the saying, “nature is the best healer”. We @ Campper, provides you with Safe, Secure and Clean campsites away from all the hassles. We are keen in expunging the top three concerns everyone have about camping… Safety, Food and Hygienic Washrooms.

Here is a quick comparison of what you have overlooked.

Camping in Munnar, Vagamon, Wayanad and Tamil Nadu

Camping is pretty distinctive to staying within 4 covered solid walls. Some might not love camping straightaway from your first experience. But surely, it will make a whole lot of difference to your mindset. Camping can also Refresh, Revitalize and Rejuvenate you, both physically and mentally. The eagerness to have fun and a sense of adventure is all you need to have a memorable camping experience.


Campper provides you cover from the start to end of your journey back to your home destination. Ensuring safe and tasty food and clean washrooms. The Mission is to help people stay close to nature and experience it with zero impact on nature. We act as a sole let-up in finding a campsite which is verified, well-equipped, and secured, which is a bit tedious process for most of them. Its easy as walking into your campsite empty-handed.

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Live with the nature. Be a Campper.


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