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Camping Hygiene – Tips to Stay Healthy

Hygiene is one of the major concern for most of them when planning to go on a weekend camping. While going on for a camping, you may leave half of your essential things behind as it is pretty laborious to take all stuff with you. All campsites won’t be hygiene as your home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to stay clean while camping. Of course you can stay hygiene during camping if you plan and organize well. We are providing you with some essential tips and hacks which will surely benefit you while camping. It always feels good to wipe off the grime & dross before sliding into the sleeping bag.

Hygiene Essentials

Most Camppers have limited amount of storage capacity to store their equipment’s, which results in a straightforward hygiene routine. Basic items like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, oil, feminine hygiene products and other identical things are a must. Even if you are not a clean freak, a bunch of fresh clothes will always make you glad after a long unkempt day. Do not underestimate and  you shouldn’t miss the Hand Sanitizer because it can heavily wipe out the infectious agents from your hands. It is a must take. And try to carry some sunscreen and lip balms, if you care about your skin.


Hygiene  & Life Hacks

Hacks are more efficient and practical in nature which can be utilized to make your day easier under the sky.

Instead of carrying bed sheet, blanket, pillow etc., opt for Sleeping bags, which are easily portable and way more convenient to use. To help you to stay away from undesirable bacteria and germs, do care to carry some camping wipes or baby wipes. It will help you stay clean, head to toe all day long. It can be used effectively after using the washroom. Try using Synthetic Clothing, which is made of moisture absorbing materials. It reduces bacteria and can keep you fresh. While backpacking, try to roll your clothes into cylinder shapes instead of folding it. It will help you save a lot of serious space.

Yes, you will be carrying all the basic essentials like toothpaste and soap, but think twice before taking a whole pack of both. It will be more convenient if you can make single-usable dots of toothpaste and small square pieces of soap. In most of the cases you might be camping for no more than 2 days, so taking big tube of toothpaste won’t make any sense. Also, say no to deodorants ‘n perfumes while camping, because scented deodorants can attract animals like bears, which will be life threatening. Taking unnecessary risks is always an unnecessary risk.

Stay Friendly, Be Safe

Firstly, you should keep one thing in mind, i.e., we are infiltrating into the wilderness while camping. Forest is the one ‘n only territory for wild creatures. We should leave no trace and should respect the wilderness. We should protect the natural habitat and avoid solemn encounters with animals just by following some regulations.

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Opt for biodegradable soap and toilet papers. You should pack out all the waste even if its human waste. Maintain fair amount of distance from water sources & trails while peeing and pooping. Avoid scented hygiene products because it has the potential to attract animals. Even a tube of scented toothpaste can put your life at stake. Always stay away from highly sensitive areas while going hiking.

Take all these camping hygiene tips seriously to get the most out of your next camping trip. Many think that its impractical to stay fresh ‘n clean while outdoor camping. But with all essentials tips in your mind and little know-how, you can easily stay neat ‘n hygienic.

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