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Camping For Her. Story Of A Wellness Camping Trip

All of us called her ‘JuggerBolt’. Don’t know what does it means, but her hyperactive behaviour earned her that name. She was the chatterbox in our class. Won’t ever sit idle. Will be doing something always. And always mess things up. Still, everyone loved her very much. But, nothing is the same nowadays. Two months back is what all these began. One day, she fainted down all on a sudden. Something wasn’t right. She got hospitalised. Her health results came and weren’t great at all. Treatments begin suddenly. She started losing classes frequently and one day; she stopped coming…When we haven’t heard from her for two days, some of us visited her. We were shocked to see her. All her charms were gone, and we didn’t even recognise her. All of us were racing to comfort her. She has always tried to entertain us and make us engaged, but when she was in need of company, we failed. So, back at college, we decided to go for a trip, for her. Like the kinds of wellness tourism, which is a must need for her.


The trip shouldn’t be a cliché is what everyone demanded. It should be having something new. Something different. And for me, it should be something calm and quiet. Something close to nature. At least that’s what she needs at this phase of life. That’s when one among us suggested for a camping trip. Stays in a tent, campfires, trekking and other activities seemed fine as all these were something new for the whole team. These activities seemed to be a good option in connection with wellness tourism also. Moreover, a camping trip would provide her with a peaceful environment close to nature. In search of a place to camp in Kerala is what we came across Campper.

Wellness Tourism. Camp with Campper
In search of something new, close to nature, we came across camping with Campper.


The response from Campper was really profound. They assured every assistance for our camping trip and ensured special care for her. They suggested Camp Woody at Suryanelli as it would be a great campsite to accommodate a group of 40 plus. And we were ready for our first ever camping trip.
It was easy to convince her parents as this trip would make her health better. Her doctors also showed us green as wellness tourism is a great medication. As all the roadblocks were cleared, we set out for our camping trip on the first week of December.


The air began to chill as the flat landscapes set space for the hilly terrains. Our first destination was Munnar Tea Museum. The aroma of tea was there in every inch of the museum. She found herself engaged with the history of plantations and stuff. God! That girl loves history soo much. Don’t know what’s so fascinating about history. I always hated it!! We spent a good deal of time at the museum as our next destination is Camp Woody, our campsite. The check-in time was from 4pm, so we started to the campsite by three from the museum.
Jeeps from the campsite were ready to pick us up. A trip of around 5 km in those Jeeps brought us to Camp Woody. Dharmanchettan, our host and caretaker was there to welcome us with his warm smile and hot black tea. Both proved to be so delightful in that chilly climate. The view of Aanayirangal Dam was another refreshing factor at Camp Woody. Dharmanchettan showed us our tents, pitched in perfection.

Wellness Tourism. Tents at Camp Woody
Dharmanchettan’s magic. Tents at Camp Woody


As we freshened up, it was time for the campfire. Nithin, our singer man took the stage with his guitar and the rest was total bliss. Warm campfire and soothing music were like a lifesaver amidst the chilly breeze and the December fog. Some of us grouped with Dharmanchettan to prepare BBQ.

As the time passed, Dharmanchettan called us for dinner. Special preparations were made for her food as per doctors suggested. While having dinner aside her, I saw some changes in her. She was not the same, but a crumb of charm can be seen in that face. Her sweet smile was back on that face with her masterpiece twitch of eyebrows. I had a feeling like we all made a reason for her smile. I felt so proud that day. Heading to my tent for the day’s sleep, I saw her gazing the stars outside her tent. We weren’t wrong. This was the perfect wellness tourism trip we could give her. With a smile, I went to sleep.

Wellness Tourism. Campfire at Camp Woody
The campfire at Camp Woody.


Woken up by my friend on four on the morning, we got ready for the Kolukkumalai Sunrise Jeep Trekking. I saw her more cheerful than the last day. The early morning jeep trekking was a superb experience. At the topmost part of Kolukkumalai, at 7100ft we waited for sunrise amidst the cold breeze of December morning. The sky showed the signs of the star coming up. And he revealed himself. The bright orange ball gave a detailed view of the landscape around us. Warm sunrays against the cool breeze were something you should experience. Trekking down the Kolukkumalai, we experienced the best morning of our life. Breakfast was ready at Camp Woody as we came back.
After the breakfast, it was time to say goodbye to Dharmanchetten, our sweet host and Camp Woody. It has been a great stay there.

Wellness Tourism. Group Photograph from CampWoody
The whole team. Group photo from Camp Woody

We planned this trip for her. But all of us enjoyed every moment of this camping trip. As far as she is concerned, it did a great deal. The wellness tourism worked. It significantly improved her health condition. One more month of treatment, she would be back with us, just like the old days. And we will be going on another camping trip, with all her charms…