Busting the myths about camping

Camping with your friends is probably the most offbeat adventure you can indulge in irrespective of your age. In every particular state or location, there are spots of camping which hold a good reputation for it. While you plan for your camping trips, you need to do a thorough amount of research and planning for it beforehand to avoid any complications. But first time campers or inexperienced campers have a lot of myths about the activity which can ruin their experience. At times, these myths can also pose huge problems while you are planning a camping event.

So, let’s bust these myths and see how true or false some of the common understandings about campings are.

Camping is uncomfortable

All those who plan a camping for their holiday getaways will know that camping is never uncomfortable if you plan right and execute it well enough. There might be situations which are different from your comfort zone but that’s the whole point of going to camp. Camping can be a great way to experience something uniquely different from your daily life. Thus, it is never uncomfortable if you know how to plan it well. If you are camping for the first time, you might want to look up about that place before you head there for camping.


Camping is boring

This is a common myth which is usually held true by people who have never experienced camping. Ask any camping enthusiast and he will tell you how fun camping is. Although it might seem like you have nothing to do in a camping spot, once you go there, it will turn out that there will be a lot of things which you can enjoy. It will be kind of an offbeat vacation if you go for camping with your friends. There are all sorts of creative things you can indulge in but you surely won’t be bored of camping if you have the right bunch of friends.


Camping will ruin your health

Many believe that going to a camp at an unknown location might ruin your health or there might be drastic changes in your environment which can affect your health. But if you ensure all the guidelines of a secure stay in a camp then there wouldn’t be any factor which would affect your health. Of course, you would need to take precautions and measures which would keep your health in good condition. But it is a total myth that simply going to camp will affect your health in a bad way. In fact, it can improve your health conditions because you will be away from areas of pollution.


Eating is a hassle while camping 

Although it might initially feel like you have nothing to eat while on camping trips but if you are in any popular camping area, you would definitely have arrangements for food. You need to research about it prior to visiting but even if there aren’t any available eating facilities, you can simply pack some food which can be good enough for eating during the time you will be staying there. So, don’t let your adventure tourism activities like camping spoil just because you think eating will be hassle because it is a myth.


Only having GPS is enough

When you are planning to go camping or have some alternative stays plan, you can’t just leave your home and head there without a proper map or knowledge about that place. Although it is exciting to explore different places but definitely not at the cost of being lost. Even simply having your phone GPS is not enough at a completely unknown place because there can be various complications. Thus, ensure that you either have a good map or someone to guide you to the right place.

These are the several myths which most people think as true. But they are truly false and baseless. So you must continue to explore new places and indulge in activities like camping.

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