Breaking Typecasts For #BalanceForBetter. Women’s Day

“We are too precious to let disappointments enter our minds”  said NL Beno Zephine

Are you crazy to go out alone? Did your family allow you to do so? All these are quite common questions most women’s have faced so far.

Generations after generations we keep on hearing the same interrogations and we keep on blaming the societal stereotypes but nothing has happened so far.

Who decided the expiry date for a women’s dream? We cannot blame anyone for it. When women become weak physically and mentally, then only comes this ascent of boundaries. Since most of us are concerned about safety I think the time has come to work out on that. If we are FIT enough to go out and do our own chores perfectly without anyone’s backing, then certainly people’s outlook will begin to change. This women’s day, let’s make that change happen.

Women's Day. Solo Traveller
Give wings to your dreams


So why don’t we empower ourselves?

Hey adventure lover, solo traveller or dancer don’t wait for a second opinion. Let your dreams fly high. Whatever may your palate, try out learning new things and be equipped.

Let’s try something new on this women’s day.

1.Travel Solo

Travelling solo is a trending concept these days. It’s not just about exploring the world on your own terms but making friends with yourself and others. When we travel we get to know ourselves more and can work out on things to build up our confidence. Each travel is a learning experience to step out of our comfort zone.

Women's Day. Travel Solo
Travel solo. Get out of your comfort zone

Tip: Once in a while find some time to go for a backpacking trip to hills and enjoy the serenity of nature. A successful solo trip can make you fit & super smarter.

2. Be Trek Fit

Most of the ladies forget themselves to work out on things that can keep them healthy. A healthy lifestyle is not depended completely on what we eat, it’s about how active we are physically & mentally. The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.

So make it a regular routine to get involved in some kind of physical activities like walking, cycling or exercise. Don’t wait for it, start it right from this women’s day.

Women's Day. Girls Trekking Trip
Go for trekking once in a while

Tip: Discover the benefits of going for trekking and the wonderful “feel good” factor that comes with it. Trekking can give you the physical and mental strength to manage all unexpected situations that arise when out in the wilderness.

3. Ride A Motor Bike

Seeing a woman racing up her bike, wearing a leather jacket, gloves and sunglasses and going off on a long ride to the hills is yet a hardly seen today.  Even if the women possess driving skills but very few get into the power sports industry. If riding a motorbike is in your dream bucket list, just do it. Embrace the freedom and independence of motorcycling by being a confident motor rider.

Women's Day .Motorbike Rider. Roshni Sharma
Roshni Sharma- The first Indian woman to ride a motorbike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

Tip: Learn to ride a motorbike and plan a trip to hills and take on that long road. Ride Safe & Smart!

4. Plan A Family Trip

How about giving a surprise to your kids and family by initiating a trip to undiscovered destinations close to nature? By going camping you can create priceless memories & build quality family time.

Women's Day. Plan A Family Trip
Plan a family trip by yourself

Tips: Show your coordination and management skills while you plan a trip.

5. Be An Inspiring Women

Use your creativity and your talents to challenge the next generation in a beautiful and inspiring way. Let your boundless imagination, joyous dreams and tremendous strength motivate others too. Start finding your qualities right from this women’s day.

Women's Day. Radhambika S. Inspire Others
Be an inspiring woman. Spread the smile.
Radhambika S, a polio victim, has been supplying ISRO since 1987 through her company Sivavasu Electronics, which employs differently abled people.

Tips: If you hold any leadership skills, take the representation of women for bringing dynamic changes and wipe out some of our unconscious stereotypes.

There is nothing that can ever stop a determined soul.

If you want to rise up above your existing scenario, gain balance, strength and vision to widen your horizons with the bountiful opportunities.

Our courage is our wings. Realize it and fly high!

This women’s day, #BalanceForBetter

Happy Women’s Day!



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