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Beyond Camping: Camping Tips No One Will Tell You

Camping would be a new concept for most of us. Thus, the notion of camping for most of the people is basically a night out in a tent, maybe with a bonfire. But its more than that. Camping is like an escape. It’s breaking the circle and heading out from our comfort zones to experience something new. So, what would be the camping tips we should keep in mind while heading out for a camping trip. Let’s check it out.


Camping is a form of escape. But that doesn’t mean that you should be all into yourself while being at a campsite. You should socialise and make friends. You can find people with similar wavelengths of you at the camp. Meeting and greeting these people will be great for you. Sometimes, you can benefit from them, sometimes they will get benefited from you. Its like give and take. You can be a part of a great travelling community by making friends from the camps. So go out and make friends.

Camping Tips. Make Friends. Camp Woody, Suryanelli
Making friends is always an essential part of camping.


When was the last time you stared at the night sky, counting the stars, finding the Orion, looking for a shooting star? Stargazing is a wonderful camp activity. Most of our camps located far away from the city lights makes stargazing a wonderful experience. Stargazing is a simple activity which helps to admire the beauty and wonders of this world. Taking the time to look up in wonder at the canopy of space is a powerful experience, which every camper should experience and enjoy.

Stargaze. Wild Hush 900 Kandi, Wayanad
Admire the beauty of the universe up above


Another beauty you could catch while camping is the sunrise. Every day starts with a beautiful sunrise. The only thing is we never mind to admire the beauty. Waking up a bit early, trekking to the nearest high point to catch the sunrise is a must experience activity while you camp. There is nothing beautiful than the loveliness of woods before sunrise. So, wake up and go for sunrise.

Camping Tips. Sunrise. Camp Woody, Suryanelli
Never miss the sunrise


Camping would be a perfect opportunity to try out the local tastes. A stroll near the camp might take you to a local tea shop or a hotel. Explore local tastes, dishes, combinations, the way they cook food. All these will be a great experience for you and taste buds. The feeling of exploring a new taste from a locality you don’t even know is beyond explainable. Spending time with locals, talking with them, tasting their food and of course appreciating & thanking them for their hospitality will be a great thing to do on a camping trip.

ry Local Tastes. Wild Hush 900 Kandi, Wayanad
Local tastes get cooked up with local stories


Making a good connection with the locals will help to make your camping expedition more interesting. Locals will be the ones who know the ‘local’ trails, viewpoints, streams and wonders of the topography. This will help you to experience an offbeat camping experience with some trekking activities. Talking with local people will help you to understand the culture of the region. They can take you to their local deities, place of worships and religious practices. For someone who seeks the cultural diversities or a great still frame, this will be a great opportunity. Grab it…

Talk With Local Lads. Vattavada Hill Top Camping
Mingle with local lads

Camping is an escape. An escape from your deadlines, your paper works, your cubicle… A quest for something different; something new… Camping tips like this will help you experience camping at it’s fullest form. More than a tent stay or a bonfire, these camping tips are something which makes your camping worthful. So, on your next camping trip, stay wild, make friends; look up, stargaze; wake up early, go for the sunrise; stay hungry, try local tastes; stay curious and talk with local people. Make your camping trip a memorable one with Campper.


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