Adventure freak in you wants to wander but confused deciding where to travel? Here is an astrological solution to it. And it is justified!!

365 days and 12 months in a year yet we stay confused answering when to travel and where to travel. Even if we find answers and cross these rock-solid question, we still have an iceberg to cross and answer. Tip of iceberg being, with whom to travel and, the bottom, convincing family members about safety. This being dealt, comes another challenge of planning the itinerary and keeping the entire trip cost effective yet memorable.

While you were worrying about above issues, there was someone listening to you all this while and eagerly waiting to welcome you onboard!! We at Campper thought  of talkingtoWandering Jane, Solo Women Travel Platform. And they tell us of some perfect travel destinations as per your zodiac sign. They tell us of destinations so exact to your element that the destinations will perfectly blend with your personality traits.

Air | Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Looking down from up above in the sky, people with sun sign of air element possess advanced thinking skills. Zodiac signs falling under Air can be as torment as a high wind pressure hurricane or as calm as a fire fighting agent. Geminis, Librans and Aquarians should really look forward to destinations in India like Bengaluru,Foot hills of Ootytounleash adventure activities like co-piloting a micro light, enjoying cool winds in wide expanse of farm or just go camping and gaze at wide sky. Air element zodiac signs could also plan to go international and plan a bungee jump alike fun and adventure at Nepal

Fire | Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Fire has always carried a disruptive feel to itself. It could just convert from a spark to a forest fire in split seconds. However, this being one aspect, the other is, fire provides warmth, tenderness and illumination to one too. Arians, Leos and Sagittarians should really plan vacation up on hills to keep disruption in check and benefit others from their warmth or close to waterbodies to calm themselves from spreading like wildfire from one hitch. How about a trekking, hiking, rafting and yoga adventure in backwaters of Kerala or high-rise peaks of Ladakh? Bhutan could also be another close by international proposition.

Water | Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water has an exceptional attribute of adaptability. Store it in a vessel or let it free flow in a stream, it will take form without any directions. Zodiac signs representing water are as mysterious as depths of the ocean and hence the intuition and emotional aspects. Cancerians, Scorpions and Piscesians let the free-flowing energies in you feel a wave along beaches of Goa. Dive and explore depths of oceans or just rule the waves surfing on crystal clear beaches Baliand Sri Lanka.

Earth | Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The down-to-earth and realistic zodiac sign members of earth element really know how to have some serious fun while keeping all other aspects balanced.  Taureans, Virgos and Capricorns prefer stability in life and like anything growing from roots or coming from nature’s basket. Ideas of mountaineering, trekking, sightseeing, bird watching and wildlife safari shall prove to be their best picks for a holiday. Book a wildlife safari in national park of Kaziranga and Meghalaya or just trek and enjoy the natural beauty of Nagaland. If the is not what you call your fill, then take mountaineering experiences in Kilimanjaroor an easy laid-backfun timeshopaholic holiday in Singapore.


Do the ideas of adventure and suggested location fill you with excitement but keep you perplexed with idea of whom to tag along for your vacation or make you think of budget constraints or a feeling of question mark on safety concerns then Wandering Jane will be more than happy to be your superwoman superpower.

Wandering Jane is a solo woman travel platform that offers best in class itineraries. Forget delaying that dream holiday plan and doing the convincing my friend to take-a-break game. Just book yourself a solo trip with Wandering Jane as they know the art of giving you your solo time while keeping you safe in group of other female travelers.