“A Part of Me was Stuck at 7100 ft.” Sera’s Camping Experience

Waiting for the first KSRTC bus service of the day to Munnar from Aluva at 4:30 am, we had no idea what would be our very first camping experience. A runaway from all those assignments and crazy deadliness was the need of the time and it happened all on a sudden.
I came across Campper on Instagram and without a further thinking, I booked a camping site for us. But when we realised it’s a camping rather than a trip, the first question came in our mind was, ” would that be safe for girls?” & ” why camping when we can find cheap homestays?”
With all those questions in mind, we boarded the KSRTC bus to Munnar.


Munnar welcomed us with her gentle cool breeze and warm golden rays. With our monkey caps and backpacks on, we started our journey.
Our camping will only begin at 4 pm, which gave us enough time to explore the tea museum which was around 4km from Munnar town.
After our trip to the tea museum and our lunch, we took a jeep to Suryanelli to join our Camp. The jeep was stuffed with flowers and friendly smiles of locals. The fragrance of flowers enhanced the vibe of that jeep ride.
The awesome sceneries and our friendly ‘driverchettan’ made the one-hour jeep trip to Suryanelli town feel like 10 minutes. And when we reached Suryanelli, the jeep from Camp Woody was waiting for us.

The welcome party at Camp Woody.


Camp Woody welcomed us with a delicious refreshment drink. Much needed after all those travelling. Our host Dharman chettan had a lot of activities lined up for us.
The Kayaking at the lake surrounded by lush, green tea plantations and the Burma Rope was awesome. Then came the ATV. Sneha, my dear fellow traveller, who don’t even know to ride a bicycle was rashing on those ATVs. After all those activities, back to Camp Woody, where the campfire was ready with our dinner.

Suryanelli Lake


The campfire was an unforgettable experience. With nothing but just the fire to lit the darkness, a group of people singing and dancing in peace, and the cool breeze to refresh each and every cell in our body, I wished the campfire to be a never-ending one. But we have to go to bed early as we got a sunrise to catch.

Campfire at Camp Woody


The trip to Kolukkumalai to watch the sunrise started by 4:30 am the next morning. Another jeep ride of one hour brought us to the topmost part of Kolkkumalai. And we waited for the sun to begin the show. As we waited, the eastern hemisphere began to show its shades of orange and yellow, making the path for the ‘star’.
The sunrise and its rays gave us the view of our astonishing surrounding. The cool breeze smoothen our minds to peace. That’s the moment I realised the beauty and calmness around us, that most of the time we don’t see. At that point, close your eyes, take a deep breath and just live the moment.
The hardest part was going back to camp. A part of me was still stuck at 7100 ft.

Sunrise from Kolkkumalai


Back at Camp Woody, as we were packing our bags for our journey back, we know the answers to the questions raised by our minds at the start of our journey. Campper provides utmost safety to all their campers. Be it girls or boys or even a family. And homestays, I don’t think they can help to live nature.
So I’m sure it’s just a start. A wonderful start to a lot of upcoming campings. Thank you Campper.