Outdoors Awaits: 5 Reasons To Go Camping This New Year

The year-end is here. It’s time to bid farewell to 2018. How good or bad it has been, a new year is a time to rejoice. It’s the time to flush out all absolute trashes from our past and restart new.
This new year, how about trying out some new year events away from the rushes of city life? How about a New Year Camping on the laps of nature?
Presenting you five reasons to go for a New Year Camping this time.


Camping in silence would be something you should experience this new year. Get out from all those noisy new year events & parties and camp at absolute silence. Take your loved ones also with you. Spend some quality time with them. Something you won’t be able to do in parties.

New Year Events. Idukki Dam View Camp
Spend some time with our dear ones. Idukki Dam View Camp


This new year, breath fresh at outdoors. Leave your walls and get outside to experience camping this new year. Away from all the pollutions of the city, camp at nature and welcome this new year with fresh lungs.

New Year Events. Breath Fresh. Eagle Point Camp
Breath fresh at outdoors. Eagle Point Camp, Vagamon


Experience the calmness of nature. Spend the last moments of a year at the greatest peace of mind. Camping outdoors helps to experience nature at its pure form of serenity. Being calm helps to build concentration. Have some thought about your year ahead. Think about your new year resolution. Do some meditation and some mind games. Welcome this new year with a calm composed body and mind.

New Year Events. Experience the calmness. Idukki Dam View Camp
Experience the calmness of outdoors. Idukki Dam View Camp


Instead of getting exhausted by some parties, refresh yourself and welcome this new year. The new year is a new beginning. It’s the perfect time to stop, refresh and restart. Camping outdoors this new year will help refresh your mind and body. Let go all the bad deeds of this year and greet this new year with a fresh mind.

New Year Events. Refreshed Minds. Eagle Point Camp
Greet this new year with a refreshed mind. Camp Woody, Suryanelli


This new year, wake up in a tent. Trek the nearest hill and witness the first sunrise of the year. Camping this new year will help you to experience these. An eve long party and an exhausted night at bed will make sure you miss these magical moments. Living close to nature will assure that nature will gift you back the best it has got. Give your new year the best start by camping this new year eve.

New Year Events. First Sunrise of the Year
Wake up in a tent this new year. Witness the first sunrise of the year

It’s quite simple. Go for camping this new year for an absolute experience close to nature. But of course, good things come with a price. Leave for a day or two might be the sum you want to pay. But trust me, it’s worth it. A worthy break for the bright days ahead.
So this new year, try something different. Check out the new year events by Campper. Skip the parties, skip the resorts and go camping.