10 Stupid Reasons For Last Minute Backout From a Travel Plan

So you are all packed up and set to hit the high road, so to say, towards your travel destination and just when you thought you had it all, there comes the heart breaking news of plan cancellation. What??
Whether it is a group travel or a solo trip, sometimes the plans are cancelled not because of some major catastrophe but due to the stupidest of reasons. Let us explore some of these very stupid, very painful yet very real reasons of cancelling travel planto even some of the best holiday gateways last minute.


Because you created a Whatsapp Group to Plan it

Well, let’s face it, no plan was ever made to succeed on a Whatsapp group. What made you think a travel plan would? With several different people and several different heads in the game, it’s a miracle you even reached a verdict on adventure tourism. However, assuming you passed all hurdles and theoretically convinced everyone to give in their consent, but there is always that one person who ditches at the last moment. And if you were on a budget, which people usually are, then there is your dominoes fall!


Because You Had Cold Feet

So you finally decided to ditch the fear and take up that solo trip. All pumped up on energy you make plans and put them in action. Apply for a leave, book a cab, hunt for secure stays, announce you are headed to seek solitude and patiently wait for that day. Once the day is here, you suddenly feel that it might just be a very reckless plan after all. Maybe a travel buddy will be a prudent choice. So you call all your friends expecting them to miraculously change their plans and hop on with you, which they obviously won’t. So, maybe next time!


Because Permission Not Granted

One of the most common and frankly helplessly ridiculous reason is the issue of taking permission. If you are a student, dependent on your parents, or just a person with over-protective parents, this is the reason you can well relate to. This most happen when it is an all girls trip and girls go camping. Parents sometimes have this sadistic habit of saying no at the eleventh hour, when all you can do is fumingly cancel the plan.


Because You Had a Fight With Your Bae

Whaaat? Seriuosly? But sadly yes. Sometimes we have a friend or we are that friend who cannot accept the idea of having fun if Bae is upset. They will not have a shred of mercy in cancelling a long standing plan for this very temporary miffing. Because, Bae is of course Before Anyone Else. *rolls eyes*


Because you Just Realized You Have Motion Sickness

And all this while when the plan was underway you were under the misconception that you are healthy and perfectly able to take on the drive uphill. But just like the classic case of cold feet, you decide at the last moment that it’s not worth the risk after all.


Because You Never Checked The Weather Report

A day has been picked, the venue decided as trekking in high mountains or camping in Munnar. Everything has been checked on the list including the weather, yet somehow when the time to step up arrives you happen to take a keener look at the weather forecast and decide to give the trip a pass because the weatherman says there is “Possibility” of rainfall, and of course the weatherman is always right. *Kill me right now*


Because the Neighbor Refused to take Your Pet In

Now this one really leaves you in a fix. You cannot offer a solution nor can you advise them to let their pet lose for a while so they may also enjoy their freedom for a while, lest you come across as some mean animal hater. So you cancel the plan. Of course.


Because You Had Loomies

Whether these loose motions are due to jitters or plain and simple unhealthy eating, it sure is a dump on the perfect getaway plans and boy odes it leave the participants miffed!


Because You Couldn’t Say No To your Boss

So your mean minded boss decided to play the “boss” card and asked you for some last minute work, deadline of which clashes with your trip dates and even though you have duly availed leaves, you just could not say no! Honestly, get a hold of the book that spells out the employees’ rights, I am sure this one comes under the heading tyranny!


Because You Were Not Allowed to Bring Your Date

You have been going out with this really amazing person that you’d been trying to impress since long and after all was decided, you ask if you could bring your date, rubbing the single status of your friends in their face and naturally they said no! Voila! You decide to choose your date over your Friends! By the way saying goes “Friends forever” Just Saying!

Whether sensible or not, whether believable or not these are very real reasons why most of the plans cancel at the last moment and it hurts in places you cannot even justify. But it is what it is.